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125-Piece Metal Puzzle Can Reconfigure as a Functional Gun

GarE Maxton is a machinist in Michigan. He built this puzzle called "The Intimidator." It's composed of 125 pieces composed of 6 different metals and requires a special key to begin disassembling it. About 20 of the pieces can be reconstructed into a functional, single-shot .45 caliber handgun, pictured below. -- Link via Make | Photos: Maxton

I'm confused...are the round (cylindrical shaped) pieces of the gun hidden INSIDE the puzzle box? Also, where is the hoe for the "special key"? Can't see on Neatorama site.
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They should put this into a Saw type film,

First off get two weapons engineers that have done terrible things with their skills.

Get two small rooms with only enough room in each to fit a chair,(in which the person is securely tied only leaving their hands free.) and a small desk.

The desk which both people are facing into has one puzzle each in front of them and there is a wall dividing them both. There is a small gun barrell shaped hole that the successful person can shoot through.

The room is filling with water and the two have fifteen minutes to complete the puzzle.

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If you're scared about the implications something like this has on airline security I suggest you do not google the phrase "TSA security fails gun", as you will likely see that people who want to bring guns onboard a plane do not need to go through any extreme measures to do so. Security Theater is the bomb!
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Hopefully he'll make a video of him firing it - should be a really cool explosion (you know - fingers flying, blood gushing, all that good stuff).
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