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Comic Sans Gets Dissed

Once again: if you want to be taken seriously, don't use the Comic Sans font in your passive-aggressive notes. Link -via I Met a Possum

But heaven forbid you actually pay attention to capitalizing the correct words. You know, like "lemonade stand." Pot, meet kettle.

You, I think 90% of the people who complain about Comic Sans do so only because they've seen others complain about it online. Are there really that many typographically sensitive people in the world? I think not.
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I think, as far as fonts go, that Exotic 350 is worse than Comic Sans.

Exotix 350 has this weird mix of capital and lowercase letters. It looks trashy to me.
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There's a wealth of overused and/or ugly fonts out there.

I hate Curlz MT, Papyrus, and I'm rapidly getting fed up of seeing Bleeding Cowboys and Bank Gothic everywhere...
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Personally all this brouhaha over a font is ridiculous.
Isn't the message more important than the form it is delivered in? I liken you font elitists to those not being open minded to hear what someone that speaks with an accent has to say. Is the exact same thing. Both are truly stupid philosophies. Heaven forbid anyone reading something in an ugly font. What's next, ugly people cannot speak? Must be nice to be so much better than someone else.

BTW the idea that using all caps means a person is yelling goes back to the beginnings of the Internet. The idea is complete hogwash.
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