Dairy Powered by Manure from 4,000 Cows

A large dairy in the Ukraine is powered by the energy generated by the cows' own manure. In fact, the cows generate a surplus of electricity that the dairy sells back to the electrical company:

The combined heat and power (CHP) plant--the first biogas cogeneration plant in the Ukraine--has successfully been powering the Ukraine Milk Company's factory for 9 months with 625 kW of electricity and 686 kW of thermal output. That's enough to fully power the factory and sell energy back to the grid. The advantages of using poop power are threefold: UMC improves its factory efficiency, cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions, and keeps excess manure out of the waste stream. After UMC's manure goes through its biogas plant, leftovers can be used as agricultural fertilizer.

Link | Photo (unrelated) by Flickr user law kevin used under Creative Commons license

It's a start! Hopefully this type of thinking will become the standard.

Simply reducing our meat/dairy consumption would do the most good. It takes more water to grow JUST hay and alfalfa (cattle feed)than all vegetable and fruit orchards combined. Not to mention the fact that grazing land can be put to much, much better use.

But hey, if they're gonna have a dairy farm, they might as well turn poop into profit.
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Stanton Farms in Ontario has been doing this for a while already:

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Absolutely not BS! The company I work for is in the business of designing and building these systems, and we are certainly not the only ones. They're in use at dairies and feedlots all over the US and the world. Waste-to-energy in its purest form!
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