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Facebook Tom Swifty Contest Finalists

Earlier this week, we ran a Tom Swifty contest over on our Facebook page. There were tons of hilarious submissions, but these were our favorites. Please help us pick a winner by voting once... only once. Thanks!

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"I'd like a hot dog" tom said frankly.

"I sure do love to masturbate!" tom ejaculated.

"Those UAV's are amazing" tom droned.

"my ass sure hurts!" tom said cheekily.
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Was this an "create an original" Tom Swifty contest or just a "paste one in" Tom Swifty contest? Because I saw that "crestfallen" (which is the best) one when I was in, like, 5th grade.
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Cool, I made the top ten! I did the "bellowed" one. Actually thought my other one was funnier:
"Thank goodness I'm back in the US, I was sick of using that English money" he expounded.
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@ david, well if they're that good can't they think up a new one?
(feels like cheating to me, esp. since your site LINKS to that page)
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I tried to explain what a Tom Swifty is to one of my 12-year-olds. In the few examples I could use with a kid, she was unfamiliar with at least one term. I had to explain what a bellows is, who BP is, what husks and naysayers are, what listless means... and finally:

"Someone stole my wheels" he said tirelessly.

And she laughed!
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anyways, came up with a handful more last night

'what is this small lake' he pondered.

'i had no choice but to eject from the aircraft' he explained

'i'm getting taller every day' he groaned

'who is the ruler of the sphincter!?' tom was asking.

'i erased every word i had written' tom described.

'i wonder if i ought to use a lure instead' he debated.

'i no longer care who wins the game' he decided

(the de-words are kind of a cop out, though)
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