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The Missing Cat Poster

If you want something done right, you should do it yourself. The last thing you want to do is give it to David Thorne, especially if it has anything to do with a cat. Shannon asked him to make a poster about her lost cat. What she got was not exactly what she had in mind.
Having worked with designers for a few years now, I would have assumed you understood, despite our vague suggestions otherwise, we do not welcome constructive criticism. I don't come downstairs and tell you how to send text messages, log onto Facebook and look out of the window. I am willing to overlook this faux pas due to you no doubt being preoccupied with thoughts of Missy attempting to make her way home across busy intersections or being trapped in a drain as it slowly fills with water. I spent three days down a well once but that was just for fun.

There are several other drafts of the poster in this email exchange. Link -via Buzzfeed

Me thinks David just made up the whole story and wants his 15 min. out of it. If he's so busy he doesn't have time to make the ONE poster then why does he have time to make that many, Looks like an a-hole to me, not neat!
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Shywarrior /sigh/ you wish. David is not an a-hole, he's a smart arse. You have spent way to much time studying the post.
The posters are brilliant!
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Pretty much sums up Graphic Designers.

They don't care what you want, they're "designers" dammit and they know what's best.

After all, 3 years of night school, and that mail order art school from the back of the match book wasn't for nothing ya know.

//you can just hear the color wheel panties getting in a bunch already//
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@Vonskippy - Oi! We do at least have some informed opinions about what works and doesn't work. Damn right we know best. I don't lecture my electician on the best way to re-wire my house.

BTW, can you actually buy colour wheel panties. Want!

Very funny though. Reminds me of some of my clients. Even if it's not true.
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Love David's website, you really need to see past what seems to be his dick-ish behavior and see what kind of emails and requests he gets. It's enough to do anybody in who has half a brain.
His exchange with a guy who wants to send his kid on a religious field trip had me particularly in stitches!
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I'm right there with David Thorne when he's responding to people trying to get him to do free design work, and I thought it was funny when he tried to pay his bill with a picture of a spider.

But in this one, he's just a dick. She's not a business trying to get free work, she's a coworker asking for help; and he chose to be a dick. He could have said no, he's too busy, but he chose to deliberately waste her time when she could have sought help elsewhere.

Yeah, I know she could have made her flyer herself in Word in five minutes. That doesn't make David Thorne any less of a dick for wasting her time and mocking her distress.
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I'll admit it was funny, but that doesn't excuse it for being cruel as well. I've visited his site before and understand his frustration with some of the people he deals with but this was just blatant douchery. He had time to make a bunch of bad flyers but not one simple missing flyer for the poor woman? I hope this comes back on him in his time of need, maybe that will make him think twice the next time he decides to jerk someone around for no reason.

P.S. I fail to see, yet again, how this is neat. It's not, it's just mean. Don't promote cruelty.
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"He had time to make a bunch of bad flyers but not one simple missing flyer for the poor woman?"

Considering it would make perfect material for a second book, yeah. No wasted time there at all.

What Chay said.
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congratulations David, in the time it would have taken you to make ten simple effective posters that would have helped your co-worker find her cat, you instead wrote several smarmy smug emails, and wasted your time making a bunch of jackass posters you knew she couldn't use, and alerted much of the internet to what a steaming cock you are. well played, jerkoff.
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I could not stop laughing when I read this, especially when he told the story of the cat he liked, and talked about remote control dogs. He's pretty witty, but she should have realized that she could have done it herself for the time that she spent corresponding with him... The end result was really simple, a five-year-old could do it, but the one's preceding it were indeed neat and hilarious, especially "no reward".
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in the time it took the woman to write the original E-mail she could have made the poster herself... you don't need a graphic designer to make a missing cat poster. paper, marker, picture, and photo copier.

yes, I'm a graphic designer.
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