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Red Letter Media Does Baby's Day Out

This NSFW release is from those (I suspect it's a team) who brought us the wonderful reviews of Episode I and Episode II. "Harry" reviews films from a minimalist, bad-editing point-of-view. He's the guy on YouTube you never want to meet. And since his next-planned review (Episode III) escaped, he's stuck reviewing a movie about a baby on the loose in NYC. It's okay, though, because he has the power to make even that movie entertaining.

Brief ad, 24 minutes runtime.  (again, profanity alert)

Ah, but perhaps the trilogy will be complete, after all.  Stay tuned.

The guy is good, but he is doing exactly what he is complaining about in the movie. Perhaps it is some sort of meta-joke, but I did not stick around to find out.
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I'm not sure what the issue is about NSFW on the front page, Tim-- it's clearly indicated.

RLM have a downright brilliant flair for movie analysis. They're really talented editors, too. Their review of Phantom Menace was pitch-perfect, though the movie critic/serial rapist schtick gets old by the time you start watching some of their other reviews. I hope the writer & voiceover artist go public sometime soon; I'd love to know who they are!
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It was "brilliant" the first time around.
Now it's just redundant bullshit.
The NSFW on the front page is because this is a family oriented site and NSFW means just that.

This type of "article" is lame, juvinileand not meant for family consumption.
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@Tim: Just because you assume this to be a family oriented site does not make it so. Also, your comments are far from family-oriented.
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Alex has on many occasions stated this is in fact a family oriented site.

So Lester, have a talk with alex, the owner of this site, before you speak out about what you obviously know nothing about.
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I've read every single post for the last couple years (I'm subscribed in NetNewsWire), and while I would agree with you that this is a generally "family-oriented" site, I can't remember a single post that comes out and states as much. The authors usually go out of their way to avoid making posts that don't fit into the "family-oriented" nature of the site, but that doesn't make it strictly a family-oriented site, and this is far from the first time a video or article with NSFW language has appeared on the front page.

Also, a search for "family oriented" (with quotes) finds no results. Without quotes, it finds three results, none of which are referring to what kind of site this is. A search for just "family" finds too many posts for me to wade through at the moment.

What I meant to say earlier, though, is the authors make the rules, not the audience. I'm so tired of web site audiences telling the creators what's appropriate for their own site. Especially comments containing expletives while complaining about the NSFW nature of the content on a site that commenter has deemed to be "family oriented".
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BTW, my expletives take place in the comments, which you have to click on to get to and are NOT on the main page.

I disdain anyone who turns their nickname into a clickable link to their blog.
Self promotion is just wonderful, for hookers and boxing promoters.
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The video doesn't autoplay, and doesn't contain a screengrab of a naked boob or any expletives on the still shot. So, you know, you have to click it, too—after already reading that it's got profanity and is NSFW.

I haven't been able to find any of the posts you mentioned from Alex about this being a family oriented site, but a search for "NSFW" brings up 135 posts.

You seem like a nice guy, Tim. It's been fun chatting with you.
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Lets see, two warnings about possibly not safe for the little ears content. I had to click the link and hit play on the video to get the dirty words to show up. It's not like there was a big poster with 'FUCK' that autoplayed pornographic video on the front page. Give it a rest.

I find the video to be awesome and funny, by the way. Just like the Star Wars reviews. I have been reading Neatorama since nearly day one remembering discussions in the past on what qualifies as "neat". This stuff probably helps generate the site more traffic and ad revenue.
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I thought it was an entertaining review. I just hope the next movie reviewed by this guy involves Steampunk technology and dragon fossils.
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