Bacon Pancakes

Now this is the way to start a Monday! Has anyone here ever tried bacon pancakes made like this? Link

We never made pancakes that way, but my mom would cook turkey bacon and then put it inside waffles. You just pour the mix into the waffle iron and then lay the cooked bacon on top before you close the lid. It was fantastic.
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Into my pancake batter I used to add the congealing grizzle that was, before being heartlessly chucked away, usually left to marinate in the bottom of the bacon pan. It was possibly those batches of pancakes that spawned my undying love for the Meal that is Breakfast.
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Superfly: if this was bacon and ice cream or bacon and fried chicken, I'd agree. But we're talking about bacon and pancakes: two breakfast foods that are often on the same plate - and eaten together - anyway. This is just a tastier and more fun way to do it.
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bacon and syrup mix great :) ow and here in the netherlands this is THE WAY to make pannekoeken :) it works with apple, rasins mushrooms cheese and evrything else you can tink of :)
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Al's Breakfast in Minneapolis makes bacon waffles just like this (though in that case they pour the batter over bacon strips inside a waffle iron). They're unbelievably good.
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Yeah I've heard of people crumbling up some bacon in to waffle mix. This works too though heh.
And salty with syrup is awesome. Specially some sausage with a little bit of syrup on it. YUMMO
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They are the best pancakes ever. I've found that taking 2-3 half strips of bacon & pouring the batter to make round pancakes gives best results.
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i so agree with K!P
dutch pancakes are the way to go. bits of sausage, or bacon and eggs. nom-nom-nom! or fruit slices with jam compote.

dang. now i want some. soooo good.
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I agree with you TRC. This seems wrong. In England, we have our savoury dish first, followed by dessert, not together on the same plate.
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I wonder if most people realize their bacon comes from pigs raised in huge filthy inhumane factory farms. The conditions are so unsanitary that the pigs have to be hosed down with antibiotics, a practice which is breeding drug resistant viruses and bacteria. The sewage lakes alone are an environmental tragedy.
I've been seeing all of this pro-bacon stuff and it strikes me as lame attempts at viral marketing started to offset the swine flu scare.
Go ahead and enjoy bacon if you want, but NOT from factory farmed pigs.
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I like this and am thinking of adding whip cream, strawberries, syrup, and a side scoop of ice cream. That coupled with a large cup of extra strong coffee should really be delish!
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