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Busted at the Border!

What could be more innocuous than a hose reel in the back of a pick up truck full of gardening equipments? Obviously it's a gardener going to work, right?

Would you have guessed that it's a cleverly disguised bin used to smuggle marijuana across the border?

The Los Angeles Times has a gallery of some of the most unusual border busts ever, including pictures of people stuffed into engine compartments ...

... secret hidey-hole under the car floor ...

... and then there's this beauty:

Yes, folks - that's a man sewn into the upholstery of a van seat!

More at the Los Angeles Times:,0,5426241.photogallery

(Photos: U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

People so desperate for a better life that they'll stuff themselves in next to an engine or (humiliatingly) have someone sew them into a seat? While it may look silly, those are pictures of people giving up their dignity because they have no better options...the tongue in cheek captions just make it sadder somehow...
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There is a process to become a citizen, here in the USA. Just like our ancestors had to go through. Why shouldnt "mexicans" have to obide the same way? Or any other illegal immagrant??
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BM - "honest buisnessman???" please! Give me a break!! there is nothing honest about being an illegal citizen, living/working in the USA, taking our jobs and making our economy crap! There isnt ANYTHING honest about it. How old are u anyway??
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Your ancestors did not have to go through the same process as now, which seems to be some sort of cruel hazing ritual.
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The ancestors a previous commentator talks about settled precisely on what was Mexican territory, taken through the most illegal means. It`s very paradoxical and sad.
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