Chef Bans Customers For Wasting Food

Like mama said, you better eat your food when you dine at this restaurant. Sydney chef Yukako Ichikawa will throw you out of her restaurant for not finishing all of your food:

''They are picky eaters. I do not want to make food for these people,'' said Ichikawa, 42, who turns away customers not in tune with her homespun philosophy of eating, which partly derives from her horror about a world where people die from hunger.

Six weeks ago, at Wafu, her 30-seat restaurant in Surry Hills, she began offering a 30 per cent discount to patrons who ate all the food they had ordered.

She and her staff tell diners that if they do not leave clean plates, they will not be welcome back. ''Finishing your meal requires that everything is eaten except lemon slices, gari (sushi ginger) and wasabi,'' says the menu, which is tagged ''guilty-free Japanese food''.

''Please also note that vegetables and salad on the side are NOT decorations; they are part of the meal too,'' it says.

No sushi for you! Link (Photo: Marco Del Grande)

I'm not so sure. On the one hand, it's good not t waste anything. On the other, with some of the rediculous-size portions you can get, it's not a good thing if people are 'forced' to eat more than you require.. Obesity is as much of a problem as hunger nowadays..
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"Obesity is as much of a problem as hunger nowadays.."

I doubt it; if you live in North America that might be true, but only about 6 % of the world lives here. (Not counting Mexico)
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The US is not the only country that has an obesity problem. Increased risk of certain types of cancer, diabetes, cardiac arrests / strokes, high bloodpressure are all possible effects of obesity and those claim more lives at the moment (globally) than hunger. I'm not saying that hunger-problem is overestimated (far from it!), but it seems silly to punish people for eating less than they could. Especially with a hunger problem still in existence.
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On the other side, it's always good to make eople more aware of what and how much they're eating. Ugh.. I'm overthinking this waaay too much. :)
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At the first glance, the idea is preposterous because we are all entitled to do what we like as long as we don't hurt other people. But then, we you pause and consider the idea, I think it's great. Many people are dying from hunger all over the world.

Cathy from
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) this really news-worthy? I've been to a tonne of restaurants (in big city North America) that charge you extra for any food left on your plate, buffets especially. This just seems like an extension of the idea.
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You don't have to order the fried crap. Get some slices of sashimi, and order only as much as you know you can eat, and you're good. People who are actually concerned about obesity watch what they eat, and I'm not talking about the skinny people with abnormal metabolism which can down a whole pizza and not gain weight. It would be one of those people, but I don't have that luxury.
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I was wondering that as well ted.
So what if you want a to-go box?
I usually end up finishing everything I order, but there are times when I can't for whatever reason.

I like the idea though. People do tend to waste A LOT of food at restraunts. My husband's uncle and aunt are one of them. They waste so much food it's actually embarassing to go out to eat with them.
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If I am paying for it, I'll waste all that I want. If her majesty is so concerned about the starving hordes, she can serve less food or box it up and send it off somewhere.
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Here is my problem with this...customers eating MORE food doesn't help people dying of hunger.

If I eat all the food served to me or only a portion of food served to me, starving people are still starving. So why should I eat more than my fill?

Maybe the better answer would be for the restaurant owner to take a portion of the money she makes and donate it to groups who are helping solve hunger, not to scold her customers.
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Is it All You Can Eat?

There is an AYCE sushi place called Ye's Sushi in Kitchener, Ontario that charges you a dollar for each piece of sushi left on the plate. So you don't order a hundred of each kind and put them out of business.

Downside (for them) is that it helped us realize how much sushi we actually want to eat without stuffing ourselves silly, and found that we can buy that amount a la carte via takout, for cheaper than sitting down and paying for the All You Can Eat.

It has also resulted in the occasional piece of sushi squished between two plates so they won't notice.
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here in Brazil, in many 'all-you-can-eat' ('rodízio') Japanese restaurants, there's a penalty and you're charged extra for each food item left on the plate.

You can order no matter how many servings of Sushi, sashimi, whatever. Same price per person.

But you MUST eat what you ordered
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usually the salad is just given to you, it's not ordered. so how can she get mad at not wanting something you didn't even order? weird.
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