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The Mythbuster That Won't Be Aired

(video link)

Adam Savage of the TV show Mythbusters explains an experiment that the Discovery Channel rejected. Did your mother ever say "The box is more nutritious!" when you asked for sugary cereal? Adam and Jamie set up a test to find out if that's true, which turned out completely different from anything they expected. This is an excerpt from Savage's speech at Maker Faire. Subject matter may be disturbing to some viewers. You can watch the entire speech at Link -via Digg

they did do the myth of cardboard being more engergie dense, bij burning it and measuring the amount of energy released.

no mice tho.
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oy...pita scolds...mice eat each other sometimes starving or not...extend some compassion for all the millions that are snuffed to placate squeamish apartment dwellers...
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They banned the episode about RFID chips too. I don't think they ever actually made the episode, but yea.

Here's the vid:
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My rabbit would eat cardboard quite a bit, but of course getting other nutrients from timothy hay and a seed mix we gave her which she loved.
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So myth busted on that one.
Makes you wonder though, are the chemicals used to make cereal boxes safe?
Were the mice twitchy from malnutrition, or something else they were picking up in the cardboard. hmmm.
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Last Summer, I found a mouse peering in through the window of the basement light chute. I put on some working gloves and got a hold of the wee one, dropping him in a box with cheese, salami, crackers, and some damp paper towels. It wasn't until I started closing the window that I saw the gnawed-to-the-bone carcass of a second mouse. It didn't take long to understand why the mouse I had just saved seemed so well fed.

Everyone thought the FB pictures were cute (of the mouse, when we released it). No one said anything after I mentioned it was a canibal.
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Interesting, my previous comment was not approved for some reason.
I just said that there was a plane crash in the Andes about 40 years ago, and the survivors had to eat the available dead bodies (they ate the pilot!) to survive. And Discovery even made a very graphic documentary about it. How controversial.
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Mice will often eat each other in displays of dominance if you are not careful in grouping them. I worked in a research lab where it was not uncommon to find only tails left after a less dominant mouse was eaten by a more dominant one. I doubt the mythbusters intentionally set out to make the mice eat each other.
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Sometimes in the animal kingdom, animals aren't all cute and fluffy and they do things which, if we are ignorant to attache human personas to them, we could describe as cruel. I resent Neatorama for clearing the fog that is my own preferred reality.
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