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Japanese Nail Art

I don't particularly like fake acrylic nails, but I can certainly admire the amount of work that goes into making these Kawaii Nails - the latest in Japanese (who else?) nail art.

Take a look: Link - Thanks Tiffany!

Now, I'm curious: Do you find fanciful (yet fake) nails attractive? Let's take a poll:

The longer the nails, the more bacterial filth accumulating under them.

I may be biased, though. My third grade teacher had a punishment called "The Walk" that she used even for the most minor of infractions. Her long red thumbnail, and her long red pointer nail were dug into the nape of a child's neck, and depending on how naughty we had been been, she would walk us back and forth in front of the classroom. In my memory she would cackle while doing this.
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I would have to agree that this example of fake nails is hideous.

However, I do wear acrylic nails, because they look much nicer than my own brittle nails. I always get a professional-looking french manicure.
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Those are pretty cute, but I'd never wear them, or any other fake nails for that matter. The food one is really cute though.
I did a long time for a little while. that is until they come off and leave your actual fingernails all soft and UGH *shudders* I don't even want to get in to that weird oversensitive feeling.

I don't think it looks bad on other people.
I grow my own nails out and paint them however I want :)
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LisaL said:
"I grow my own nails out and paint them however I want"

Me too. It's the only foofy, girly thing I indulge in!

I do have to say these are not the most over-the-top acrylic nails I've ever seen. Check out the look of Nfu-Oh, a high-end nail art designer from Korea. I'm just a little bit afraid of those claws!
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Same here dooflotchie. I'm very far from a girly girl, but I love nail polish lol. It's just about the only thing girly that I love.
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I'm pretty surprised that no one seems to like them... I've never tried them, but I think they're adorable o.o
The sailor nails picture isn't the best example. Look at ones like Aqua Icing, Shimmering Pink, and Summer Citrus. Not gaudy or hideous at all, in my opinion ^-^
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I don't have fake nails, but I do get nail art done on my natural nails. The 3-D, painting, rhinestones and holograms can be done on natural nails, however they don't last as long as they do on fake nails. The design above is NOTHING compared to what they are doing in Japan. Nail art and 3-D nails are serious business there. It is only now becoming popular in the US - Japanese nail salons are moving in quickly and competing with (and beating) the Korean and Vietnamese salons in the US. Check out Marie Nails in the US.
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