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Pedal Patrol Car

Police in Hampshire, UK, have a new patrol vehicle in their fleet -- a five-speed, pedal-powered car:

Officers believe building their new five-gear vehicle, which has a top speed of 20 miles per hour, will help combat anti-social behaviour.[...]

PC Keith Waller, who will pilot the vehicle, spent 40 hours painstakingly building the replica car with children aged 13 to 16 at Ringwood Comprehensive School.

He insisted that getting involved with the project allowed police to show their "fun side" and made them look "cooler" and "more approachable".

But he also admitted it had made him a laughing stock as people drew comparisons with him and Mr Plod from cartoon series Noddy from Toytown.

Link via The Presurfer | Photo: Metro

NIcholas J.
It's Simple -
Building with kids for the kids to play with
= Cool
Building with kids for the police to chase crooks with = Lame

As Robin Williams once asked - 'what do the unarmed British police say when a crook is running away? - "Stop or I'll - er - Say - er - "Stop" again". . .
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@Binc- but Robin Williams forgot to mention that they say this whilst chasing after the crook. Whereas I'm presuming the American policeman/ woman would just shoot them?
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Okaaaayyy...between the Olympic atrocity, and this, I am now firmly convinced that A: Monty Python was NOT a comedy sketch troupe, but rather 'daily life of ol' Britain' biographical documentary, and B: the Enlgish idea of good design is just about that funniest you know what I've seen, from just about any country, on the planet, anywhere.
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It doesn't matter what you do, most kids will grow up to despise cops, because most kids will grow up to be smarter and more honest than most cops.
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@neilo- I'm tired of reading derogatory comments (especially on this site which is supposed to be a cut above the rest) about other countries, especially my own. It's become a trend on the internet, is becoming a trend on this site and it's bloody annoying. What's the point of taking the piss (NOT friendly teasing) out of another country? To make yourself feel better? Can't we all just get along?
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Are these cops for real?

If they would have checked with some builders of 3-wheled fully faired recumbent-bikes like to name a few Go-One, the Waw velomobile, the Quest, the Versatile or the Mango or the Borealis-shell velomobile, they would have been ably to purchase a real cool machine that goes a lot faster than their contraption.
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