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Would You Live in a Church?

Looking at the pictures, I would definitely live in this church in Kyloe, North Cumberland, England, which was converted into a home. Look at the beautiful stained glass! But, based on all the comments, there are certainly some other strong opinions. For example, you have to consider the graveyard just outside your windows.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by ninigoat.

Disregarding the fact I generally don't want to live in an older building if I don't have to, I wouldn't discount living in a church that has properly been re-worked into a home, even with a no longer used cemetery outside.
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I think the graveyard would be the most exciting part. :)

If done right, this sort of conversion is pretty cool. Saw one not long ago on a TV show that was disappointing, though - only because they made it too minimalist/modern.
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I think something like that would be great. However, every time I look at a space that large and vaulted, all I can think about is how expensive it must be to heat.
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Well if all churches looked like the one in the article, heck yes I would live there.
Very beautiful, even with the graveyard next door :D
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I do live in a church!
It was converted into flats and it's gorgeous. A lot of the flats (including mine) still have a lot of original masonry features - I have a set of gorgeous columns in my bedroom and my fish tank is in an alcove originally built for holy water.

It has walls two-feet thick and all the windows are double-glazed, so it's wonderfully warm in winter and cool in summer. Plus, I can always find my way home if I get lost in the city, just by heading toward the distinctive spire!

As for graveyards, my church is in the city - so it never had its own cemetery, but I used to live right next door to one for years and they're beautiful, peaceful places. Quietest neighbours you're ever likely to get!

I really don't understand why people are freaked out by graves. Those people are dead: they're not going to hurt or bother you - it's all the living ones that are the trouble!
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Fear isn't based in logic, and just because you can't relate to it doesn't mean it's not a problem to those who do. You might as well ask why people are afraid of clowns too, but that question has already been answered here.
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There is nothing illogical about being afraid of or deeply hating clowns. Freaky things with all that weird makeup! They always say they're just trying to make you laugh. Oh yeah? Well then why has no clown ever done anything funny in the history of ever?
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I'd live in a church. I think there's a chance it might still have some sort of residual positive energy from having once been a spiritual building even though it had been decommissioned (or I guess, de-consecrated might be a better word?). From a spooky or non-spooky vibe standpoint that would cancel out the cemetery spooky vibe for me. But really I'm more of a logical type than that and would just be fascinated by the architectural features. Plus, it would be really easy to describe which house was mine when I gave directions (It's the third house on the right, the one with the steeple, LOL.)

The only trouble I could see is that it might cause some confusion for some people some times that might still mistake it for an active church. I'd have a hard time turning away folks that showed up on my front steps wanting to see a minister or say a prayer or ask for charity help.
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Those couches are awful! And those Christmas lights twirled around the upper rail, yikes. Maybe in a frathouse dormroom, but not here. It's sad when a great architectural space is inhabited by people with little taste.
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I've personally seen 3 converted churches online and 1 local church recently converted to a local eatery

personally I see nutting wrong living a properly rehablitated church and a nice smallish cemetery would make for bonus points @ halloween
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I looked at several converted churches before I settled on one. I was dissuaded by the building inspector who looked up at the distant ceiling and said "You are aware that heat tends to rise, aren't you?"
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Eh, I've been living next door to a large cemetary for the last 5 years. No problems here!

If only my place was as nice as this church though!
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I'd just like to live anywhere that I cannot reach up and touch the ceiling so a church would be nice.

I dont think the graveyard would be an issue so long as you knew where everyone was before you started digging your new pool
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Ya know, being squeamish about the grave yard never crossed my mind. Many homes built in the 1800s have graves right up next to them here in Ohio. I'm like lots of you however when the 1st thing I thought of was the heating bill!
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The heating England? No way. It must be outrageous or else the people don't really live in most of the church and have one room that they heat.
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I live in a church as well...sleep right above the alter. Photos attached of the get's a ton of great remarks.

Thought about the funerals is strange to think about potentially sleeping above where children may have had a funeral service.

Lastly, we have bats.
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I love the architecture, but I'm not sure how I'd feel living in an old church. However, it would provide motivation to be on my best behavior!
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The adjacent cemetery would actually be a great selling point for me! Both for the Halloween atmosphere (in October and year-round), and because I just love cemeteries anyway (I blog about pretty headstones).
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