Man Who Ran Out of Toilet Paper Rescued by Twitter

I've been skeptical of the utility of Twitter, but one man in Japan found it to be essential at a very unfortunate moment. He was in the restroom of an electronics store in Tokyo when he ran out of toilet paper. So he whipped out his phone and sent this tweet:

Urgent request, toilet paper in Akihabara Yodobashi Camera 3rd floor men's restroom

Twenty minutes later, help arrived. Thank you, Internet.

Link via Kotaku | Image: Naika Tei

Proving how completely stupid twitter and the tw@ts that use it are.

20 minutes later????

How about you pick up the phone, CALL the store you're in, and ask for toilet paper?
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If by entire world you mean his family, friends, and fellow members of the Japanese Furry Friends Society then yes. And everyone knows nobody guards an embarrassing secret like the JFFS. Not that I would know or anything. Because this totally did not happen to me.
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After 20 minutes exposure to the air I'd expect that it would be a lot more difficult to remove with just paper. He'd probably need a stiff brush or a custom 'Neatorama Dangleberry Removal Kit'.
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I can see it now.

Worst constipation ever. Request of a laxative... or some prunes to the restroom beside the GAP near the food court.

It's a slippery slope I tell ya.
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Am I the only one who's kind of shocked to find out that a camera store (with 3 floors nonetheless) in fucking Akihabara, the gadget capital of frigging JAPAN has a bathroom that lacks some sort of ass washing robot wand thing?
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BTW, the proper solution to this (assuming no one else is in the bathroom is to either:

Waddle over the the sink and make a bidet out of it


Sacrifice a sock

Every few years my buddy, or myself, will encounter a situation like this. The phrase is so well ingrained in our vernacular that all he has to say is, "Dude, out riding my bike the other day, ended up sacrificing a sock" and i know exactly what transpired. Whether or not knowing such details in any way enhances my life is debatable.
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