6 Bizarre Mysteries (That Are Still Totally Unanswered)

Here are six of the most peculiar mysteries  that no one can find a good explanation for. One is the underwater formation known as the Bimini Road.

This road, sometimes also called the Bimini Wall, is an underwater structure that stretches for half a mile near Bimini Island in the Bahamas. The whole structure is formed of rectangular limestone blocks which look very much like an ancient road or a wall. The official explanation for the strange structure is that it was caused over the years by concentrations of shells and sand. In other words, the whole thing could potentially be created over millions of years by a natural occurring phenomenon of hard shells gathering in straight angles.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by milos87.

Cooper's disappearance, at least, really isn't that mysterious. He bailed out of a jumbo jet, at night, in a winter rainstorm, over a thickly-forested portion of Washington state. The money that *was* found was in the Columbia river.
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Wow In search of rises from the ashes of really bad seventies tv shows, right along with the nonsense they showed. maybe next week the pyramids and how they were built by aliens.

What would Homer say...Doh!
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Hogwash. The Bimini "road" has been explained, the explanation just isn't exciting enough for people. After all what do mere "geologists" know about rock formation?

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hpoulter is right on the money. It's frustrating to see the Bimini "road" continue to be viewed as anything more than beautiful geology. The "mystery" has been solved for more then thirty years.
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The sarcasm doesn't become that article.

"Valentich did have a life vest inside the cockpit, so why he didn’t attempt the highly complex technique known as 'getting out of the plane' is unknown."

Uh, because planes crash, planes sink, pilots die or get knocked unconscious when hitting water at speeds where it might as well be concrete, immersing a person in water often has the side effect known as 'drowning', and the ocean is a big place.

You might as well be incredulous whenever a car drives into a pond or canal and the people drown. "Why didn't they get out of the car?" Because it's more complicated than you're making it out to be.
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Exceleent link!

“Scientoids are brainwashed in the scientific method which can only reveal limited information,” he said. “One has to go beyond the bounds of science for true enlightenment.” Valentine was on the board of the Miami Museum of Science!

That says so much about the issues scientists have to deal with to get anything done properly. Science has to be involved for something to be scientific, but apparently that's not good enough for some people. If you want to live in a magic fairly tale land, for the love of reason and all that is logic, stay the hell out of the field of science for everyone’s sake!
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The headlight theory simply doesn't hold up for anyone, like myself, who's been there. The location of the highway is in an entirely different direction from where the Marfa Lights appear.

It's funny, though, to watch visitors looking in totally the wrong direction who are fascinated by the obvious car lights running up and down the mountains.
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