School Officials Confiscate Toddler's Cheese Sandwich

Officials at a nursery school in Pemberton, England, confiscated the cheese sandwich a two-year old brought to school.  The sandwich was considered to be inappropirate because it did not include either lettuce or tomato.
Wigan Council has since confirmed that the straight-up combination of cheese and bread contravenes its healthy eating guidelines — and fully supported the cheese-snatchers. “The centre has a list of recommended healthy food, according to national guidelines, which children are encouraged to eat,” said a spokesman. “A cheese sandwich would not feature on the list.”

Clearly in a situation like this there are two sides to the story, and the media may be focusing on the family's side because it makes for more interesting press; there may be other issues between the family and the school, or concerns re the child's diet.  It seems reasonable to take the news with a grain of salt (or if you're British, with salt substitute).

Two links. Image credit Luke Leitch/Times Online.

You're looking through the window into the Nanny State, where an all-powerful, all-loving government tells its citizens what they can and cannot do because the ruling class just knows better than the ignorant hoi-polloi.
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I increasingly find it hard to believe that an insidious cabal of Irishmen haven't taken over the United Kingdom and are creating stupider and stupider laws, guidelines and regulations as revenge for centuries of oppression.
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DAMN YOU, JAMIE OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



John Betjeman nailed the direction the UK was taking, many decades ago:

The Planster's Vision

Cut down that timber! Bells, too many and strong,
Pouring their music through the branches bare,
From moon-white church-towers down the windy air
Have pealed the centuries out with Evensong.
Remove those cottages, a huddled throng!
Too many babies have been born in there,
Too many coffins, bumping down the stair,
Carried the old their garden paths along.

I have a Vision of The Future, chum,
The worker's flats in fields of soya beans
Tower up like silver pencils, score on score:
And Surging Millions hear the Challenge come
From microphones in communal canteens
"No Right! No wrong! All's perfect, evermore."
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When I was two (so I am told) I used to eat tomatoes like any other fruit. The pushchair regularly looked like the scene of a vampire attack.

Have yet to understand how lettuce can possibly have any nutritional value.

"Political correctness gone mad" as they say in Blighty!
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"Clearly in a situation like this there are two sides to the story..."

And what conceivable other side of the story justifies this latest incident of police-state behavior from Knife Crime Island, pray tell?
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Yes, I am sure the bureaucrats will soon raid the familys house and demand to search the pantry and fridge, declare the parents unfit and seize all their children. You do not question authority and there are serious concequences for speaking to the media about them. Their troubles are just begining.
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So... was said child given something else to eat? Or is not eating at all considered a better alternative than eating a cheese sandwich?

So many unanswered questions.
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Whilst it sounds stupid, if anyone here has ever worked in a school in the UK (or any other Western country) you should know how terrible some parents are at providing their children with a "proper" meal(s). Maybe if you've worked in a "posh" school you have never seen this. But when you've worked in a primary school in a fairly poor city for 20 years and seen an increasing trend of a mars bar and coke for breakfast and lunch, you'll see the importance of intervention from this "nanny state". If protecting children from a life of poor health is a bad thing, then so be it.
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April, I beg to differ. Do you really think a cheese sandwich is a good meal for the day? Aren't we supposed to be teaching our children to eat more healthily?

It also doesn't say whether or not that was the same lunch the child had been given for 2 months straight. Or whether or not the 2 year old weighed 6 stone. Or that The Times is in support of the opposition to Labour (although they always were considering their owner). I ignored the telegraph as they are not a quote worthy newspaper in my eyes.
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Can I just point out that this is newsworthy BECAUSE it is exceptional. Britain is not like this, and I'd like all the right-wing Americans who love to pounce on this sort of thing to realise that.

If we in the UK based our impressions of the US on the news we'd think they're all gun-toting rednecks who can't think without shooting something first.
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Re Skipweasel's point, when the parents took the child to another school, the staff there laughed at the behavior of the first school, so the policy implementation appears to have been school-specific, not community mandated.
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It was a cheese sandwich. Not a cheese, lettuce and tomato sandwich. You cannot have anything else on a cheese sammich. Just like how you cannot add anything to a BLT. If you try to add anything to a BLT it is no longer a BLT. Joking aside...

The cheese sandwich made some headlines recently here as well.

At the schools here - if childrens meal accounts are not paid and are delinquent - they are given a cheese sandwich with an apple or fruit item and milk. It is not very different than the bagged lunches that I have seen. The only difference I see is that in place of milk is a soda or high sugared fruit drink.
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Frau, are you from America? If so, how many obese children are there in your country as a percentage of children, say under 12?

I can see the UK desperately trying to avoid catching up with you, or if we already have, trying very hard to let you guys win :P
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Wait. . . so the kid's sandwich isn't nutritious enough so they fix the situation by NOT LETTING HIM EAT AT ALL. I guess a starving, crying kid is healthier than a kid who goes one meal without lettuce.
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@Bobster - yes. I do not know the percentage. But I can say there are definitely some kids, I transport, who probably weigh the same as me. Which is scary.

These kids have left their lunches on the bus on occasion, and I would have to say - a cheese sandwich is far healthier that what is in the bag. So I know that when they do leave their lunch on the bus - they are getting a healthier "free" meal from the school.

Wonder what that school would have done if the sandwich was a cheese with bacon, lettuce and tomato?

BLT sounds good.
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@Frau- if it was a BLT they probably wouldn't have hesistated to KILL IT WITH FIRE! Until they read the guidelines on the use of fire indoors for cleansing purposes, then they would have said, "take the bacon and cheese off and you're ok" ;)
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I agree that some people don't feed their kids well and that will mess up the kids health over the years. That said, IMHO, schools are meant to teach math, writing and science, and that's it. When they try to tell you what to eat, how to live, they're exceeding their authority. I like this just about as much as the born-again crowd telling kids to abstain from sex.
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salt substitute?

What on earth?

And as for the blatantly racist irish bashing up thread here...really?

You really think the irish are behind this?

Alos it is lose not loose.
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I'm not so sure I agree with math-science-writing being the limits of what a school should be able to teach. Those are very useful subjects, yes, but modern parents don't exactly have a good track record about giving kids a full range of education at home. Today's Precious Snowflake Syndrome prevents a lot of children from being properly disciplined and often shelters them about many subjects. So if a school won't do it, who will? I wouldn't want to leave that up to chance.

Besides, a school is a place of learning. Crappy food only serves to distract other children and shouldn't have a place in it. It's fine with my if Little Johnny's parents want to feed him Doritos at home, but he shouldn't be taunting all the other kids with it. I was a brown-bagger growing up, and I resented my "lame" parents for giving me "gross" leftovers and real fruit juice where all my other friends got to eat cafeteria french fries. Every. Single. Day.
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