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Why You Should Wash Strawberries Before Eating Them

[YouTube Clip]

Fresh strawberries are delicious, but did you know that unless you wash them properly, you'd be eating a bit more than just fruit (technically an "accessory fruit")?

Here's how you should wash your strawberries, as shown by Zev Steen of Star-K Kosher Certification.

I imagine that eating strawberries with these insects on them is harmless, if they are as common as indicated in the video, and since people have obviously been consuming these things willy-nilly without any ill effects for some time.

I believe it is not kosher to eat insects. The video was made for jewish people who make very sure their diet is kosher.
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As long as it isn't against your religion, there is nothing wrong with a little buggage on a berry. I cannot imagine washing fruit in Dawn...seems much more people unfriendly than a few tiny bugs.
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Damnit, we have 2 containers of strawberries in the fridge that I'm going to be paranoid about now.
Yeah they're tiny little things, but just the thought of it....sigh
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This procedure is not good enough. The berries should be left to soak overnight in a solution of 80% dish soap and 20% water. Next, each berry should be vigorously scrubbed with a mushroom brush, followed by picking off each seed with a SILVER needle (stainless steel is Devil's work).

Now one may safely eat the berry without the worry of incurring Divine wrath. Most likely.
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So do I scrub my eyelashes with dish soap to get rid of the follicle mites that live in them too? I guess I need to buy separate cookware for meat and milk too...
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Yeah, I've eaten a countless number of these little guys already, I think i'll keep snacking on them along with my fruit rather than wasting the soap and time to wash them so thoroughly.
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Mmmkay, well, while you guys shrug and say, "It's protein," I'm going to take the three extra seconds to wash those disgusting things off. Call me squeamish, I prefer not to knowingly eat insects.
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The only part I found gross, was when he soaked the strawberries in dish washing soap. (I literally said "ewww" out loud)

As someone else said, we have billions of living things squirming around our bodies. Adding one more that will be unnoticed and quickly die, shouldn't be a big deal to anyone. Our bodies were honed to survive in much harsher and less hygienic conditions than we have today.

Now I'm all for giving fruits and vegetables a once over with water, but this is extreme.
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I'm surprised that no one has mentioned using a fruit and vegetable wash. This is specially designed to wash fruit and vegetables to remove pesticides, dirt, and chemicals. Easy, quick, and a lot better than eating bugs.
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I watched this with bafflement until I saw that it was a kosher thing. Man, I'm glad I don't have to work so hard to get a meal. Yes, bugs and microbes are all over us, in us, everywhere... no sense freaking out.

I once went to a taco place with someone who refused to eat the food, citing a bug she'd found in her meal once. All she would have was a Snapple, which was colored with carmine. I told her what that is after she drank it.
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At first I was horrified - I've been eating fresh strawberries straight off the plant from my dad's patch for years. I've been eating BUGS!

Then I remembered I drink drinks with carmine and that I wasn't dead from eating strawberry bugs and I calmed down.
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Well, I got over the whole bug thing last night. Was craving something sweet so had a few strawberries :D Did wash them a bit better than usual lol, but all thoughts of bugs left my mind when I tasted the yummy!
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I'll have to agree with eveyrone who said the most disgusting part of that video was the dish soap. I had a Jewish friend in school who always brought lunch and would offer his cut fruit and vegetables as his mother always packed a lot. I always wondered why they always tasted like soap. Yuck.

Those little buggies don't stand a chance.
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Not only that, but think of the whole anti-bacterial soap craze. We could be killing off a good degree of beneficial bacteria in our intestines. Your choice though, but I'll take my chances with the bugs.
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If you have ever taken a food science and safety course, then you will know that there are far more "icky" things than "strawberry lice" to contend with.
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In Mexico we used iodine solutions to disinfect our raw fruits and vegetables, soaking them for 20 minutes. This seems like a much better idea than dish soap. I would be more worried about amoebas.
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Yes, now, what about amoebas?! Technically, they might even be kosher, yet they can kill you. Poor little strawberry mites can't do a thing to you. Set the strawberry mites freeeeeee.
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The video didn't say what would happen if someone ate one of the bugs. My guess is: nothing. Personally, I would rather eat a few tiny insects than all the chemicals that get slathered on the berries before they hit the table (not to mention the soap in the video.) What people seem to forget is that fruit and vegetables come out of the DIRT. Bugs crawl all over them constantly as they're growing. Big deal. That's NATURAL.

So yes, I do wash my produce--but not because of strawberry bugs.
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This is silly. I do not put soap on my food. I've been eating strawberries for years and I'm not hosting a colony of strawberry insects in my stomach. Washing in water is just fine for me, thank you.
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After reading all the comments, I get the idea, so I didn't watch the video...didn't want to spoil my future appetite for strawberries.

I always soak my berries in a mixture of water and salt or water and cider vinegar for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse well prior to eating. I also usually cut the tops off strawberries prior to soaking. I wonder if this is sufficient to kill the bugs?
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