How to Make a Soccer Ball from a Condom

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This is a video for Football Made in Africa, a film about the roles of soccer/football in African societies. It shows a boy inflating a condom and wrapping it in yarn to create a functional soccer ball. Here's a description of the project:

Every episode offers an original angle on a story, a slice of everyday life, where football is present everywhere. From the production of goals in the outskirts of Maputo to the atmosphere in bars where matches are aired on tiny TV screens, the harvesting of rubber tree waste to make balls or the beaches of Cameroon where fishermen use their nets to play.

via CrunchGear | Project Website

As neat as this is, I have to ask myself - with the high rate of HIV and AIDS in Africa, wouldn't the condom be better used for its intended purpose rather than a ball? I understand the joys the ball creates, but surely there's another way to make a ball?
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I think there are plenty of condoms to go around, just not enough people using them for their intended purpose. I don't think there's any harm at all in making this ball. rampatmonkey, if you have a better idea of how to make a ball, maybe you could find a way to help these kids out. I'm not being snarky at all, I'm serious - you could get something good going.
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Brilliant. And, as a side-benefit, children get used to the idea of having condoms around and not having any stigma attached to having them.

Just think of all the disease and pregnancies that could be avoided if all teenagers in the world could have a condom in their pocket and be able to tell mum/dad "It's for making a football".
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ofcourse after the whole town plays with this serveral of the players are so exausted that there is no need for protection later that night, thus this one condom protected multiple couple's.
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@ #2 : Well why not giving this film budget to buy a lot of balls and keep condom to fight serious pandemic diseases. Come on guys, wake up! It's so easy to talk this way when so comfortable in you brave "new" world. Ho! the movie was so cute? It looks for me a sponsored by Vatican. Shame !

I'm with #1 on this.
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Maybe Occidental's countries sent condoms to the people of Africa to help them protecting themselves against AIDS ; but if they sent only regular size, it's might cannot fit "the normal" use? ^^
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