Multicultural Crayons

Photo: nathangibbs [Flickr]

It may only be skin deep, but having only Barbie pink to color in the skin color in the drawings of people sure gets kind of annoying in today's modern, multiethnic society. Fear not! Crayola has the solution: a set of "multicultural" crayons.

From Flickr user nathangibb's photo, the multicultural crayons are composed of black, sepia, burnt sienna, mahogany, tan, peach, apricot, and white.

I have a classroom set from a different company and it has 20 colors. The names are fantastic - 'cinnamon', 'sable', 'peach', 'toast', 'almond'. My preschool kids match their skin color and then we decide if they are yummy or not.
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I love it. there needs to be a color between peach and white for white folks though. unless you're coloring in Norway, then use that white one to your heart's content. hah!
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@ Snarlz - Edgar Winter!

Crayola has always had "multicultural crayons". They just were not named that. I think it all started with the "Flesh" one. Which was changed to Peach because of the civil rights movement. Then there was "Indian red". A color which referred to the color of pigment from India, and not to Native Americans.
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I'm not sure how crayons blend (sad childhood, I know), but perhaps the white could be used to modify the shades of all the other colours to make it closer to whatever skin colour you're trying to approximate. Same applies to the black.
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I think it is a great idea. The colors were already available in the 72 color box, but when you are a kid it is a little too many choices - having just the 8 for skintone is just enough choices for a pre-schooler.

While crayons do blend somewhat, it is not seamless when you little kid learning to color you might try experimenting, but you haven't really grasped the concept of what two colors to try to together to come up with what you want - it is all trial and error.
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you could surely blend the white and peach to make a more natural pale with reds for the warmth of cheeks and nose and a darker brown to accentuate the shadows of the eye sockets et al,
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