Archive for April 24th, 2010

Money Origami Koi

Artist Won Park makes origami figures with paper currency. He made this koi fish with a one dollar bill, with no cuts, glue, or tape. The way that he arranged for a curl to serve as an eye is particularly impressiv...

This is a Wild Boar Crash Test

The boar in the photo is a life-size model weighing 150 kg - part of a test conducted by Germany's ADAC automobile club in response to a growing number of roadkill incidents involving large mammals.  Hundreds of tho...

Did You Make a Photocopy of Your Tax Return?

If so, a recent report at CBS News offers a cautionary reminder that improper disposal of copy machines may pose a security threat, because the copied images may be stored on the machine's hard drive.  For demonstration...

This Is How The New York Public Library Sorts Books

At  most libraries books are hand-sorted by library staff and unpaid volunteers.  The NYPL was having problems because of the large volume of books being processed, and they had difficulty finding people to do the...


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