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Circular Bookcase

Designer David Garcia made this circular bookcase that the reader can use for both storage and transportation:

ARCHIVE II, a round wheel book archive, functions as a nomadic library, where the user can travel with his own books. Once still, it creates a room for meeting and inspiration, generating a special acoustic echo for the reader inside the wheel.

Link via DVICE | Photo: David Garcia

Yeah, I'm thinking two, maybe three steps before half the books start tumbling out the side of that thing. Not that you'd actually want to get in and walk around in a bookcase. Because, you know, it's stupid.

How is this even an idea, anyway? Take two completely unrelated things and cram them together with no regard for purpose or logic? Bookcase and walking, sure! I want to create a refrigerator I can do Pilates on. How about rain gutters I can brush my teeth with? We heard you like walking, dawg, so we put a hamster wheel in your bookcase so you can walk while you read!

Clearly the recession is not affecting some people as much as it should be.
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"for storage and transportation" ?? Yep, I'm heading to Barnes and Noble in that thing. That way while I'm perusing the store's shelves I can step out of my new transportation vehicle and make sure I don't already have it!
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Garcia is a designer, therefore his works need to have function. If he was an artist, the work would stand on its own and in my opinion would be superior.

The flaw, you see, is in the description or perhaps offering a description at all.
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I read and walk all the time, and I love this idea! It's absurd, but really funny. Sadly I could actually use it to be sure I didn't buy the same book twice, but it would need a lot more rings of books for that to be useful.
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I love the idea of this as a fixed bookcase -- maybe with some shelves spanning the center of the inner circle...That would be a much more visually appealing bookshelf wall than my boring old rectangle shelves!
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I for one think this is cool. True it's not practical, but I find it very artistic and kinda fun. Sure I might not walk around in it, but I think it's better than half the seemingly useless stuff I find in people's houses. Probably would make a hella good conversation piece. If not, set it on its side and you can have a little reading area in the middle.
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How about making it a fixed DVD storage shelf, with a nice big flatscreen in the middle? Would take a buttload of DVDs to fill it, but geez, it'd look awesome.
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i am so upset over the impracticality of this object! i must alert the creator to the obvious design flaws. when i am done i will go tell those fools who make the canned unicorn meat how ridiculous it is to market that when everyone knows unicorn is far better served as a carpaccio.
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Thank you all for the great comments. Unfortunately, this web sitehas not copied all the text. The project was a discourse on the absurd, and the contradiction of book collection and transport. The aim was to blur design and art. Archives series is only exhibited in galleries and museums, and not for sale as a functional object, the lack of functionality is obvious.
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