School: Do Not Take Your Daughters And Sons To Work

It's a time-honored tradition to take your kids to work (and show them how sucky, er ... exciting adult life really is), but some school districts say that's playing hooky:

Many students will tag along when Mom or Dad heads to the office Thursday, skipping class to shadow their parents in a nearly two-decades-old national tradition.

But several local school districts are issuing warnings to parents in advance of Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day: Students will be marked absent and held responsible for missed work.

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I think there may be some truth to the article's idea that take your kid to work day should be moved to the summer when kids are already out of class. Not only would kids not miss out on any of their school lessons, but it would be more fair for all the children. Not everyone's parent has a work place where the children are welcome to shadow their parents. Moving the day to the summer would save the kids that can't go the disappointing experience of being left in class while their friends are spending the day with their parents.
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This is just the damn schools getting upset that they won't get their government money for the kid for that day. That said, I agree with what Melissa said: no reason they shouldn't do this during an off-school time like the summer.
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Ummm...hasn't it ALWAYS been the case that work you miss in school has to be made up, no matter how valid the reason? And I'm pretty sure I was always marked absent on the years that I actually participated in this. Also: other kids feeling left out? Please. I never had more than 4 or 5 of my peers in classes of over 20 gone, so it's hardly being left out.

From what I've heard from others and read in bs bulletins trying to get more people to do this, my generation (growing up in the 90s) never had a more than 1/3 participation rate.
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My kids would love to go to work with me, since I stay home myself and surf the net! Besides, they see what I do all the time. I just get so much more DONE when they are at school!
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I wish I was home schooled, I never brought a single book home in all 13 years of publich school education and I graduated like 30 out of almost 300. Imagine if I was interested in the things I studied.
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