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Steampunk Prosthetic Leg

Actually, it's a leg covering, but I think that the artist's goal was to create the impression of a functional, steampunk-style artificial leg. deviantART user Skinz-N-Hydez made this 13-14 pound leg and his gallery is filled with similarly wearable works of leather and brass.

Link | Gallery

I wonder if the creators of "steampunk" knows the rest of the world looks at them with the same thinly veiled disgust as they do with furries, cosplay, emo, grown men who still play with trains and/or legos, women who carry small dogs in their purse, belly button lint, and D&D players.
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I guess I don't "Get" steampunk. Its all a bunch of junk. None of it does anything. Wires go nowhere, tubes hold nothing, gears don't turn, tubes carry no liquids... its just pure non-functional junk for the most part. How is that cool? It dosn't DO anything...
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I guess it was too much to ask the person to wear maybe black dress pants for the picture...? As much as I hate steampunk, they could have at least tried to do a good photo.
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All this hate towards steampunk & furry culture is giving me an idea for my next Halloween costume. I better get started on flushing out this Mecha-Bear idea.
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Although I don't dress up in these sorts of costumes or do any sort of cosplay, etc. I do however enjoy creating such things for people who do. Plus, producing such props is a passion and a good way of making cash.
As for the picture, yes it could have been better. It was a quick shot to give to the customer, was never intended for advertising or any such thing.
If you want to see an actual photoshoot of the leg as well as a full get up.

As for getting a life. Thanks, i will try and find one....
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Wow, you guys are all asshats. I'd like to see any ONE of you create something that skilled and detailed. I'm not a steampunk person, but I can appreciated talent where I see it. Stop trying to show off how "cool" you are to other internet weirdos and get a life yourselves.

We all have hobbies. Maybe yours are sports or cars or whatever the hell poser-y too-cool-guys like you do. This guy does craftsmanship instead. Just because your idea of "life" is skewed in one direction, doesn't mean everyone else is lacking one. Now, if you please, gtfo.

I think this piece is amazing, and wish I had half the creativity and skill it must have taken to pull this off.
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To all those who bash this piece:

Yes. Let's go bash someone that actually knows how to make something with their own two hands. Who gives a crap about what it IS or what YOU think it SHOULD be able to do. They made it from SCRATCH using blood, sweat, and a good pair of tools. How many of you can say that? I'm sure you trot down to the store for pre-made costumes at halloween, either for you or your children, rather than going so far as to be ORIGINAL. Oh, God forbid someone do something different.

It's you who need lives when you mistake craftsmanship, which makes you a hell of a lot of money I might add, for insanity and laziness. You can put fifty or more hours into a piece like this. I bet your goldfish minds don't have the patience to even read this far down my comment.
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Wow...everyone took their "edgy" pill today I guess?

If by "get a life" you mean that the artisan who created this should quit following his passion, quit being successfully self-employed, quit making a good living with items he created with his own two hands, then I guess you're right.

He should definitely get a soul-killing job at Walmart, or get underpaid by some fat corporation. He should absolutely have to spend at least 40 hours a week someplace that's not his home, not being creative and not listening to music he likes, not making things that make other people happy. Definitely! Sign us all up for that life.
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I really doubt most of the people commenting on this picture can create something like this. First, steampunk is not necessarily supposed to be functional. It's a style choice -- and it's not like steampunks wear it everywhere they go. It's a convention/photoshoot/club thing. Whether it's 14 pounds or not, it's not a big deal. I've seen some pretty built steampunks; I think they could handle it. ;)

It saddens me that the internet has become a canvas for cowardly critics hiding behind anonymity. In real life, you'd probably admire it. Also, to the person who posted this, you could have chosen a better shot, which SkinzNHydez DOES provide. This shot was simply to display the product at the straight-forward angle.

I recommend you all check out the leg when it's combined with other steampunk attire:
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Its interesting in an artsy way... i guess. I'm not sure what to make of the lion door knocker on the knee, perhaps theres a tiny squid who's rented it out and wants advance notice when people come calling.

Just from a personal POV though...If my life passion was a sub-gere of mechanical oriented science fiction I would probabably focus on making my creations functional (or at least make the various gears and knobs turn.)because it would just bug the heck out of me otherwise.
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For the people who whine about steampunk not being functional I ask you to take a look at your vehicles. Or your clothes. Your hair. Glasses. Anything with any amount of aesthetic value. These things don't exist to be "functional" (although some of them are quite extraordinary when they do), they're built to the topic of conversation, or to look beautiful, intimidating, whatever the artist/customer wants.
If you feel it all serves no point, and it irritates you, then I suggest you do away with your fancy hair cuts, wear only the most basic clothing, and forget about those $600 designer glasses.
Some of us don't like having the same thing as everyone else. We want to make what we own our own. Whether it means making a custom case for an ipod, or simply adding a few stitches here and there to a shirt.
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I understand the point you're trying to make Sown Carcinogen, but I gotta say your examples are pretty bad... perhaps you should have mentioned purely non-functional cosmetic things like jewelry.

A vehicles runs. Its gears, wires, chips, motor etc is all there for a reason, to make the car operational, its really the only reason those things are there. They arn't glued on to just look pretty.
Glasses also serve a real function and have real technology behind them (to shade light from your eyes, or a real perscription to help you see), and the same with clothes... they keep your bits hidden and helps keep you from the elements (cold, getting sunburn, bug bites etc).

Steampunk tends to be pure aesthetic value under a thin veil of pseudo-technology. Its sort of contradictory in its nature. A love of old style technology while lacking it completely (for the most part).
Again, I understand the point you're making. Its for looks only, I get it. Still, again, if that were my interest I'd probably insist my stuff works (perhaps like that one fellow who makes steampunk style computer keyboards. Style that actually DOES something at the same time.)
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Whooooooa. Why take the time to write such extensive criticism of something you think is useless? Are you seriously so deprived of social contact that you feel the need to argue anonymously about something you claim you don't even care about? Go get help, man.
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FYI people Steampunk is NOT COSPLAY! I hate hearing that. Although people use it FOR cosplay it is actually a alternitive fashion that people wear everyday. Also if you all never noticed a lot of stuff in fashion IS useless. perhaps people who troll need a lifeIn fact art and many of the thinngs we enjoy today is useless. technically mankind could do just fine hunting and gathering with none of the fancy gadgets and medicines we have now.the creation of usuless things is a part of what shows we're a civilazed people.
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I find people pretty petty for the most part on the internet. They haven't got the guts to say anything to a person's face but will gladly use anonymity to bash something they know nothing about. The piece that is shown above obviously has many hours tied up in the making. The artisan that created this piece used his mind and imagination in coming up with the design. He then spent numerous hours using various parts and pieces of metal, gears, leather, rivets etc. to create something that someone WANTED. If it isn't your cup of tea leave it alone and get a life as you seem to think you are the only ones with lives. Obviously these people have lives that are different than yours but I am sure they don't sit and complain about what you do. I only wish I had the creativity to be able to earn my living working with my hands at something I love rather than work in the rat race and die one day at a time. Retirement will be my release from that pace. This man has been released from that and has the ability and aptitude to do what he wants and still make enough money to live and enjoy life!!!! I envy him for that!!!!
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