Snow Dogs

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These Labrador Retrievers named River and Trout absolutely love the snowy hills of Sugarbush in Warren, Vermont. They use their bodies as sleds to slide around; looks like fun!

If you think this is funny you may enjoy this video I just finished making today of my dog greeting me when I come home..
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One of our dogs does this on the steep hill portion of our yard. He loves it! I'm not talking about a little scooting around in the grass. I mean full sideways, and on back sliding all the way down. I thought it was a puppy thing that he would outgrow, but years later he's still doing it. He looks like he has a lot of fun doing it. I've never figured out how he manages to slide so well in dry grass. But he does. He will even try to slide down the same way again, because he goes faster in spots where he's already temporarily smushed the grass down. It's quite funny to watch.
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Those dogs clearly have skin problems and are using the snow crystals to scratch themselves. Their apparent pleasure is the relief brought by scratching, while they suffer the rest of the time without relief. Most likely they are being fed crappy food, which also explains their bloated appearance, a sure sign of poor protein and fillers. They probably smell bad, too.

This video saddens me, for these dogs deserve better than cheap food from Costco or the grocery store.
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Lighten up, J Glanton. If you can discern skin problems from a tiny 1.45 min video, you must have a gift of 6th sense. My dog was a yellow lab, and she loved to stretch out in the snow. Labs have a tendency to be ... curvaceous, and granted, these guys are a bit chubby, but geez. Are you a dog expert from that far away? Amazing!
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