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Two Types of People

Yesterday I posed this thought to our Twitter and Facebook users: The world can be divided into two types of people: Those who squeeze the toothpaste in the middle (or anywhere, randomly), and those who must squeeze from the bottom.

Then I asked for additional examples. Dozens poured in. Here are my Top 10 Favorites:
10. Heather Griffin said: one that calls any type of cola SODA, and the other that calls it POP.
9. Kristen Leigh said: Those who hang the roll of toilet paper over, and those who hang under.
8. Liz Kim said: those who pour the cereal in first and those that pour the milk in...!
7. Ferris Weston said: 1) Those who do not understand dichotomies.
6. Jane Daugherty Martin said: People who read the instructions and those who do not
5. Kathryn Kamowski said: Those who like Journey, and those who lie.
4. Rammy Meyerowitz said: There are two "types" of people, the "touch-typists" and the "hunt and peckers"
3. Norbert Smith said: Those who think there are two types of people, and those who don't.
2. Charlotte Holden said: those that understand Lost and those that appreciate all this free time on their hands
And my number-1 favorite, which is an old math joke, but one I’d never heard before: Amy Dyer said: There are 10 types of people: Those who understand binary and those who don't

Here’s my answers, what are yours?

10 – soda, 9 – over, 8 – cereal, 6 – do not read, 5 – Journey rocks!, 4 – touch, 3 – two types!, 2 – time on hands!

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10- Coke (everyone calls it Coke) 9- over 8- cereal goes first (Never even thought there was another way) 7- about half of it 6- read 5- They had ONE decent song 4- hunt and pecker (almost sounds dirty) 3- don't 2- free time 1- don't
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The math joke is hilarious! (Well, it's computer science to me!) (for those curious, "10" in binary = "2" in our base 10 counting system - the "10" in this joke could also be written as 00000010, if that helps make it clearer, albeit way less clever :)
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Soda and Pop is a bit restrictive! I don't know anyone who uses either, here it's all 'soft drink.' And what about 'Soda pop' which I swear I've heard on US TV at least once?
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This made me feel better about the fact that I'm not the only person in the world that pours their milk before the cereal. I pour the milk in a bowl, then pour some cereal a bit at a time. That way it never gets soggy. I actually don't know why everybody does it the other way.
10. pop 9. over 8. Milk 6. read 5. They're okay 4. touch 3. don't 2. I kicked that addiction a while ago 1. I'm kind of ashamed that I got that.
I haven't posted for a long time, just wanted to say how much I love Neatorama. I visit it every day.
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10. Uh, neither.
9. Over.
8. Cereal first.
7. Reminds me of geomatry, I'll pass.
6. I do both.
5. Don't know.
4. “touch-typists” (I once knew someone that called the the hunt and pecker typing "search and destroy").
3. I don't.
2. Lotsa time.
1. This would make my nerd friends proud, cos I got it!
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10 - neither, if it's cola based then it's all coke, otherwise it's either fizzy drink or lemonade, possibly prefixed with a colour
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9. over
8. Neither
7. not
6. do not
5. neither
4. “hunt and pecker”
3. don’t.
2. appreciate free time
1. ...huh...? ...Blue...? Or- No!-Sweet! Or... C-minor! ...Still the wrong answer eh....? Hm...
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10. Pop
9. under
8. cereal first
7. Do
6. Instructions reader
5. I don't like Journey but I've never lied about it
4. touch-typist
3. Don't
2. Lotsa time
1. Understood.
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