Five Members Of One Family Share Same Birth Date

In an amazing stroke of luck, coincidence or great planning five members of one family share the same birth date, over several generations! That is, as of yesterday when Mila was born on March 29th like the rest of te family.

It all began 70 years ago with Anita Marshall. Her daughter, Alicia Bams, shared her birthday and it kept snowballing from there. Soon, Anita's grandson, Eddie Marshall, checked in on the same day. Then, along came granddaughter Sydne freeman and, now, Mila.

Bams says, "Now we have one more person to put on the birthday cake every year."


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by jmillitzer.

If my math is right, I came up with a 2% chance that that would happen in the US and 31% it would happen in the world.

My numbers are a bit iffy since I assumed everyone was alive and that births are equally likely across all the days, but the change is minor.

BTW, with only 4 birthdays on the same day there's a 99.8% chance of happening at least once in the US, and likely 10 such families.

Again, assuming my math is right.
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It's probably more likely to happen but I have 2 cousins that have the same birthday I do. One on my mom's and one on my dad's side. It fun sharing your birthday!
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So cool. We kind of have the same thing in our family. My grandfather, his son (my uncle), my brother, and now my nephew all share an August 31 birthdate. Four generations' worth. :)
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The first two weeks of October are apparently very popular for birthdays worldwide. I hear this is a result of New Year's Eve being a relatively universal holiday. I could be wrong.

March, though. That's definitely something. Even if you intentionally get pregnant around a certain time, people are not born exactly 9 months after conception. There's a lot of variation.

Also, although our birthdays are not on the same day, my aunt and I share a birthday close enough that for many times my family tried to roll our birthdays into one party. Kids... well, they're kids, and I was no exception.
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I call technicality.

They can't share the same birth DATE unless they were all born on the same day in the same year.

They share the same birth DAY.
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Aww, they have my family beat. We have three people in three generations who have the same birthday. We even have the same lunar zodiac sign, which is pretty significant in eastern cultures.
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This is a crazy coincidence! I have a bunch of family members born in February, but none of us share the same date. We're scattered all over the month.

B.M.- not only is your math wrong, but having children early doesn't equal having a lot of children. My aunt was married at 15, had two children before she turned 20... and that was it. She was done. Both of her kids reproduced young as well - one of them had only one child, and the other had only two.
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My whole life, I've shared every birthday cake with my dad since I was born on my father's birthday. My mother tells me, with all the excitement, and my being born so early in the morning that the date slipped their minds until the nurse pointed it out on the hospital forms. Last year, after a very long labor, my daughter was born on my birthday. :D So we now have grandpa, mommy and baby, 3 generations, all on the same day.
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Before it a coincidence to have a same birthday in the family, but nowadays is much more easier to have the same birthday due to technology.
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I share the same birthdate, as my
dad. I am rather taken aback by
the number of those in the above
how fascinating -- I heard that Y.
Ono - had Sean (sp) the son she had
with John Lennon- but it wasn't an
all natural childbirth, it was a
cesaerian, because of some legend
about the situation--has anyone
heard of this, I'm itching to know-
no pranksters please!
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Every body. Both of my kids SAI SHREE VARDHAN, SAI SHREE HARSHA share same birthday. they were born on 23rd April 2006 and 23rd April 2008, with two years difference to the same parents. I think its a rare case.
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