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Danger is his middle name. And hers, too.

Billie Lampard will always be able to tell people that Danger is her middle name, and so will her brother. Their parents Amy and Glenn Lampard of East Melbourne, Australia named the newborn twins Billie Danger and Ridley Danger.
"I've always wanted to be able to say it myself," Mr Lampard said.

"We're actually enjoying calling them the 'Danger Twins' at the moment. It's a bit of a novelty."

Billie Danger Lampard and her brother Ridley Danger Lampard were born about six weeks early at Epworth Freemasons Hospital on Wednesday.

They say family and friends have mixed reactions to the names. -via Arbroath

I actually have a friend who named her son Lincoln Danger Lastname. It was tradition to use a "D" middle name for the firstborn son in her husband's family, and they couldn't agree on one - so used that fun one instead. My husband loves it and wants to use it if our fetus is a boy.
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It's a cool name. Better than when the child receives the hated name of a parent or other relative.

Felix: Why'd you name your son Malice Leeotis?

A parent: It was my father's name.
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Dang, why didn't I think of that? (My kids are named Storm and Saffron, with no middle names.)

My husband hates having a common name. Someone at work yells "Hey, Rob!" and a dozen guys turn around.
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I know someone in New York who gave his kid the middle name "Trouble." My youngest's has two middle names: Helena Strange." I know I've set her up for the conversation of: "What's your middle name?" "It's Strange." "OK, it's strange but what is it?"
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We named our daughter Emma-Helene Danger after her grandmothers and a genetic propensity for the middle word. She had a twitter feed before she was born - not started by us (@emmadanger)! Best baby gift ever.
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I have two sons. The first has a middle name of Danger, the seconds is Trouble. No one wrote a story about us, nor do i think they should have. Unoriginal to have the same for both.
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I used to work at a daycare where the surname of one of the little boys in my class was Robinson. His mother got her way by naming him "Dainjer" but her husband wouldn't let his middle name be "William".

She was a huge Lost in Space fan and really lucked out to marry a "Robinson".
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You can't really help what your parents call you? If he/she doesn't like it in the future, they can alwyas change it. It's a cute middle name, just because it is an actual word doesn't make it any less of a good name.

I know people who named their kids Apple, Sunrise, Sunshine, Lucky, etc. They are all cute and perfect for them.
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