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If Web Browsers Were Modes of Transportion

Cartoonist Caldwell Tanner of College Humor suggests that web browsers can be compared to modes of transportion. Are his descriptions accurate? via Geekologie | Previously on Neatorama: The Expulsion from Eden Written With Internet Catchphrases

The Firefox cartoon is really stupid. You don't have to use every Firefox addon at once nor do you have to use any of them at all. Actually they're all pretty dumb, the author was trying way too hard to be funny.
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What! Firefox's add-ons make it, like, hyper-usable.

On an unrelated note, the comment panel says I'm logged in as "Edward" though my profile page shows the correct log-in. It's too early for April Fool's so...
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Ah, it's fixed now. Though I see that Edward just preceded me in posting and we were probably looking at this page/typing in the comment box at the same time.
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I don't know why people are taking this comic seriously. I'm using MSIE to browse this site right now, and it's not acting like a dead horse.
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Not bad. IE as a dead horse is perfect. But 'add-ons' are just that; something you add on. Firefox isn't any more complex than the other browsers.
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LOL! I love this and also think it is funny that people are so passionate about the browsers they use. I guess we like what we like and everyone else is just WRONG!

Over all I have to agree that Firefox is the top choice if you only use the add ons that make it safer. I also use Chrome at times. Won't touch IE with a ten foot mouse.
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The firefox one is total rubbish. That's like saying that a bike is unusable if you put too many tires on it. The cartoonist is aware that FF comes with NO add-ons at all. Any add-ons are user added.

I have 5 add-ons running, Adblock, Downloadhelper, Xmarks and a couple of others all of which vastly add to FF's usability.

tl;dr The cartoonist has no real idea what he's talking about
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If I had to pick based on those pictures, I'd STILL go with Firefox. C'mon, who WOULDN'T want a big orange truck with a plow, a spoiler, and a frickin' shark fin?!
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Ok so the comments about them are the punch line, not something to be taken as gospel. I think the Firefox, Chrome and Opera are accurate picture wise.

IE should be a very old mule, it'll get the job done most of the time just don't expect it to be flashy or quick.

Safari should be a lesser looking bike covered in bling.
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I think it's hilarious. I can't believe how defensive people can be about the frakking browser they use. It's a browser folks not a religion.
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Comic is stupid. Firefox picture is accurate, but not because of add-ons, but because the code-base is old and bloated. Chrome and Safari both use webkit so they're not really that different. Nobody thinks Opera "looks stupid" and therefore doesn't use it - it's web browser to fuck's sake.
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Love the cartoons. Pretty spot on. Hate all the idiots who gets steamed up about a web browser! For a minute there I thought I was on the wrong page. People gets steamed up about a browser like the cartoonist is insulting each of them personally! Jeez, get a life, people.
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Chrome is absurdly fast you don't have to wait for it to load.
The new Opera is delicious, I'm falling for it.
Firefox: takes minutes to start so I don't use it unless I need one of the firefox only fabulous add-ons.
IE 6: Good Old timer, opened the door to what we see today in internet, you must respect your elder.
IE 7: still faster at startime than firefox, IE 8 just lazy work, like vista.
IE 9: I have my hopes up with this one.
Safari: it's OK just like chrome, but chrome is doing a lot better with -webkit, and getting over it.

Cartoon was fun.
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i've been using IE since years and didn't have any problems with it at all... don't know what people are talking about calling it bad, it does all i need it to do.
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OK, I understand this is supposed to be funny and all, but it's not FF's problem is you're computer-retarded and install a bunch of useless shit you don't need.

Humor fell flat. Please try again.
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I rather like it, especially the FF. After all, it is possible to have (for example) a Corsa without silly customisations; equally its possible for a sensible user to have FF without too many add-ons.
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It's not meant to be a comprehensive comparison, just a caricature of their common features and perceptions.

Have to say though, chrome's speed might be over exaggerated, even for a caricature. Especially since safari is a bicycle. They're almost an exact speed match, since they both use webkit.
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you have no right whatsoever to make a joke about something unless you can make that joke about evrything else too, that said good job on the cartoon. as for the flamers here, please understand that it is meant to be funny, good discussion, nothing more. the animosity seen here comes from the people who post, not from the cartoon itself. that said, f*** you and laugh a little.

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