Archive for March 21st, 2010

Want to win a Neatorama shopping spree?

We're going to be running two great contests over on our Facebook and Twitter accounts this coming week! You won't find them here on the blog, just on the Facebook page and by following us on Twitter. So if you haven...

Satellite Will Be Launched Into Space Using Converted ICBM Powered by Gunpowder

Next month, the Russian made Dnepr rocket will carry a European satellite into orbit. It's a very unique space vehicle. The rocket is an intercontinental ballistic missile launched from an underground silo. The first...

Pompeii Fast Food Joint Reopens After 2,000 Years

Vetutius Placidus' thermopolium (snack bar) in the ruins of Pompeii will reopen nearly 2,000 years after a volcanic eruption destroyed the city and Placidus' clientele: The thermopolium, one of the best preserved...

Kuky Returns

(YouTube link) Kuky Returns (Kuky se vrací) is a beautiful children's film from Czech director Jan Sverák. Watching the trailer, it makes me think of The Velveteen Rabbit crossed with the game Samorost....


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