Pomplamoose pitches Musicans Wanted

Pomplamoose is helping YouTube spread the word about their new independent music initiative, Musicians Wanted. We love Pomplamoose, so we thought we'd help out by doing our part to spread the word. The basic idea: if you're a musician, you can upload your stuff to YouTube and share in the revenue, while keeping the rights to your songs. Check out the fun Pomplamoose vid below for details!

And if you don't know the music of Pomplamoose yet, be sure to check out their "Single Ladies" cover (thanks to GeekGirlDiva for reminding us how much we LOVE this version). Oh, and the idea here is that if you hear it in the song, they'll show you it in the video. Every instrument, every sound, it's all there at one point or another...

SOOOOO much better than the original!

And shows how incredibly repetitive some songs can be. I'll never understand why they just don't write another verse instead of repeating and repeating and repeating...!
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As a huge Pomplamoose fan, I'm psyched to see them mentioned on Neatorama! And as a musician, I'm very interested in hearing about their new initiative -- of course I had to post this first. ;)
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Everyone always says how much they love Pomplamoose... Not me, can't stand them, they always suck all the energy and fun out of every song they cover. There are some awesome covers out there...but they seem to manage to make every song sound the same.
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I enjoy Pomplamoose, but I actually enjoy Jack Conte's solo stuff much more. Check out one of my favorites:

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I love her voice! I'm tired of the of the "oooo-oooo-AAAAAAAOOOOOAOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAO" vocals I hear in so many songs nowadays. The only alternative seems to be girls that sound like 12-year-old boys (listen to Paramour and imagine a 12-year-old boy singing. It's uncanny).
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