9 Bizarre Green Foods

If you're not going to partake of green beer this St. Patricks Day, maybe you could celebrate with green food. But don't limit yourself to salad! There are plenty of green things to eat that you wouldn't think of eating any other day. Pictured is jalapeno jelly.
For the people who like a little bit of pop to that morning piece of toast. Most 8 oz jars of this southwestern concoction can have up to a pound of jalapeno peppers in them. If that doesn’t open your eyes in the morning, I dunno what will.

Jalapeno jelly isn't exactly Irish, but hey, it's green! Link -via YesButNoButYes

Some of that article needs to have had more research put in. The first green bean ice cream item is not nearly as bad as the writer makes it sound. It doesn't use western green beans (the steaming type). Asian cuisine has a variety of "dessert" beans that are sweet. Red beans are more prevalent in Japanese desserts, but chinese ones have many types of sweet green bean types.
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Stupid link is being blocked by Adsense, it has a severe food bias, didn't let me look at cereal either. :(

Pepper Jelly is wonderful stuff, it's a lot like honey, but with burning.
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