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Happy National Crochet Month

March is not only National Craft Month, but also National Crochet Month, so it’s only fitting that we feature ten of the weirdest and coolest crochet and knitting projects ever made. As this is, of course, all a matter opinion, feel free to share your favorites in the comments!

Deep Sea Crafting

Coral reefs are some of the most beautiful underwater structures around. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t get to see these beauties in their natural habitats. Enter the world of crochet coral, a collective project by The Institute for Figuring. Crafters from around the world have added their interpretations of crochet reefs and the entire exhibit has travelled through museums across the U.S. Image via Margaret Wertheim [Flickr]

I’m King of The World…He’s Prince of The Cosmos

It’s one thing to say your baby boy is a prince, it’s an entirely different matter to say he is the prince of the universe. Fortunately, with the adorable hat pattern from Itchy Stitchy, you can dress him like the prince of the cosmos from Katamari Damacy without looking like an egotistical jerk. Image from the creator's Flickr stream.

Ukulele Gone Wild

If you’re going to make adorable art out of crochet critters, why not take it a step further and make a stop motion music video out of a pair of amagami playing the ukulele and singing? Apparently these two cuties make up a music group known as U900.

Pinhead Bunny Amagami

Etsy seller Moons Creations always has some interesting bunnies in her shop, including cathulus and Olympic skiers, but perhaps her greatest creation is the Pinhead bunny seen in this blog post. While this one is already sold out, if you PM her, maybe she’ll custom make you your own.

Ultraviolent Pleasantries

Crochet is normally such a sweet and happy medium but the designs created by artist Patricia Waller (some pics mildly NSFW) are anything but. Her goretastic crocheted plushie collection includes a bunny killed with a pitchfork, Miss Piggy falling into a meat grinder and a unicorn that has driven its horn through a teddy bear. While the pieces are quite impressive, it’s probably best to avoid letting your kids see them –unless you’re into the whole traumatizing-your-kid-for-life thing.

The Godfather Part Craft

Perhaps you like your gory crochet pieces to send a message to your enemies though. This knitted horse head pattern from the Anti-Craft is a vegan-friendly way to remind your enemies about the offer they can’t refuse.


Speaking of vegan-friendly dead things,. Artist Shauna Richardson is quite possibly the authority on crochet animals in the wild and has quite the collection of taxidermied crocheted beasts. Anyone who loves taxidermy but hates to see the poor little dead animals is certain to enjoy her creepy-cool gallery.

Knitted Dissection

If you objected to dissecting frogs back in school, then this knitted frog dissection by Etsy seller craftyhedgehog might just be the ethical alternative you were dreaming of. It is also a great gift idea for anyone who overly enjoyed the frog dissection in school. If frogs aren't your thing, she also makes rat dissections as well.

Knitting For Miniatures

No article about crocheting and knitting would be complete without mentioning Anthea Chrome, the amazing artist who created all of the tiny clothing used in Coraline. While she’s best known for her work in the movie, her tiny sweaters are famous in their own right and have been a favorite of collectors and  have been featured in museums.

Underground Knitting

One yarn movement that’s been sweeping the country and has even made its way on to the homepage of Neatorama this week is the idea of Knitting graffiti. It has taken place in Massachusetts, Houston, Finland, Ohio, British Columbia, Sweden, and New York –be sure to click on this link for Deputy Dog to see pictures of all of these places. Some of the artists, like those from the International Fiber Collaborative, have obtained permission first, while others are acting rogue in the dead of night. The funniest part to me is that of all the articles I’ve seen, only one person seems to dislike the work. Mark Lukas, who has a winter home in Cape May, told the Press of Atlantic City that he found the tree cozies in his neighborhood hurt the charm and authenticity of the Victorian homes in the area, “I don’t think it’s appropriate. It’s a public space and people should not be able to go in and do what they want to do.” Am I the only one who thinks this guy is a total spoilsport?

The crocheted animals are amigurumi, not amagami. It also seems a little silly to include knitted items in a post about National Crochet Month.
But, having made those points, this is a nice roundup of some non-traditional things that folks have made using traditional methods. And I heart the AntiCraft.
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i love this one - it's like a post just for me...sometimes we crafters/knitters/crocheters get lonely and it's nice to know other people are aware we exist and can see what we do. so, yea! oh, and boo!to Mr Mark 'Don't Knit in MY Neighborhood' Lucas.

i kinda like the sound of 'amagami' over 'amigurumi'. i love doing 'amagami' and knitting too - when i'm not making monkeys. heck sometimes i combine all three!!

happy craft month to all my kindred spirits out know who you are.
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I actually understand Mark Lukas. I think that tree cozies would be fun for a day, a spectacle for a week and an eyesore thereafter. I hope the urban knitters clean up after themselves.
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The video critters are actually crocheted, not knitted. I used to knit, trust me. Not all of the others are, though.

This post is incomplete without a reference to Yarn Bombing:
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Sigh. Even in National CROCHET month, the knitters butt in. Just kidding. This is really nifty, and I had no idea that March was National Craft Month OR National Crochet Month. Maybe I need to learn to knit. Nahh...I like being a minority and shaking my hook against the masses.
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