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Chandelier Made out of Tampons

This chandelier made out of tampons was made by artist Joana Vasconcelos in 2001. "The Bride" was displayed in 2005 at the Arsenale, a museum in Venice, as part the Venice Biennale, a major art exhibition that occurs every two years.

Link via GearFuse | Artist's Website | Photo: Fashion Indie

Ok, I'm pretty progressive and I usually "get" these obscure art installations or at least I can be broadminded enough to come up with some appreciation for whatever wacky thing someone makes. Now, having said that:


thank you
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marmie is correct... check out her website under works and then 2001. Also, if you look at the guerrilla girls website you won't find this piece.
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yea, I saw this in Budapest in 2001.
I don't think this was made by the art collective Guerilla Girls.

It doesn't seem very feminist or sisterly or whatever to claim responsibility for someone else's work.
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stinkyplum, it's entirely possible someone misattributed it. I see in the comments to the flickr photo that it's made by johanna vasconcelos, but I don't see any proof provided.

Anyway, I'm pretty indifferent to the piece. Maybe I'm just burned out on chandeliers, or burned out on tampon art.
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I'm a little surprised at the negativity of the comments. In my mind the piece is a bit like Algernon Charles Swinburne's poetry in that something vulgar or distasteful is presented to the reader/viewer in an aesthetically pleasing way. There is both the emotional shock and repulsion when you realize what you're actually looking at and an intellectual reaction when you try to compromise your horror with the beauty of it.
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Well, Kelsey, you may be right. If Braithwaite had entered the classroom on a cold winters day he would both appreciate the warmth and yet feel disgust and horror at what was producing it.
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An exhibition that occurs every two years and not for a week every month?

yeah...I got nothing. That was kind of a stretch for me.
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This sort of stuff. Man. I just roll my eyes these days. Oh, hey, you're trying to challenge my preconceived notions. Oooh boy. Super. Take that, society. Rarr.

The end result is undeniably cool. The intent, however, holds zero value for me.
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This is Joana Vasconcelos' work. The piece is called "A Noiva" (The Bride). Just Google both terms and you'll find out.
I've seen it live and the piece is very well crafted. From a distance you go like "Wow!"

Obviously the social critic is present in most of her work; specially when it comes to criticizing the fragile position of woman in society.
This piece in particular plays with the overall negative reaction of people when they approach and see the gorgeous piece is actually made out of tampons, something that whether we want it or not, played a big role for woman's emancipation in society and still today, in several countries of the world, is banned or shrouded in taboo.
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I think it's really cool I don't know why people think it's "distasteful" because it's made of tampons try focusing on the piece itself rather on whatever materials she used to craft it.
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I think it's cool! People make art out of everything like trash or even that weirdo who squirted paint out of his ass! That's why it's art.. Something creative made from any material able to be expressive with!I would buy the chandelier and hang it in my entry way for a conversation piece for whoever noticed it wasn't swarovski crystals dangling above their heads
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