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Facebook Fans Want Baby Named Megatron

On February 27th, someone created a Facebook group that's called "MY SISTER SAID IF I GET ONE MILLION FANS SHE WILL NAME HER BABY MEGATRON." Already there almost 750,000 fans, and the due date isn't until August. And over at the discussion boards, one thread asks what the middle name will be.

Easy: Destroyer of Worlds.

Link (Image: ©Hasbro)  -via College Humor

is anyone considering the shit this child would have to put up with during his/her life? If someone wanted to CHANGE their name to Megatron, that would be better, but don't put this poor baby through it. Jeez do people think anymore?
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Just plain Meg, maybe?

I'm with tofu and LisaL. I read an article a few days ago about how an unusual name shows how narcissistic the parent usually is. This mother must be a downright insufferable person.
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Golly Geez! It's just a funny thing. Mother can choose whatever name, bet or not. And the child can either be re-named, or pick another name when he/she gets older. For heavens sake! My own mom didn't give me a middle name so I could pick my own when I decided to, and I still haven't decided. Don't let this get out of hand with the comments. It's all in FUN!
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As if we live in a society of anything resembling cultural norms anymore; multiculturalism and diversity have obliterated such relics of the past (along with every other pleasant social institution of value). When the average sunday school teacher boasts a tramp stamp and earlobes stretched by hyper-conformist Sumatran-style tribal "plugs," what's the harm in naming a child MEGATRON?

I think it's a lovely name. If I may suggest a middle name, DEVASTATOR wouldn't be half bad, though an MOTU reference would make an appropriate nod: GRANAMYR, perhaps.
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Wheeee!!! What fun!!! Let's name our baby something really weird!!! And while we're at it, let's tattoo the baby's face green and purple!!

Giving babies weird names is a form of child abuse. Babies are not toys, though in our society of immature adults I guess some parents may be excused for thinking otherwise.

If weird names are so wonderful, why not change your own? It is fun!!!
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Times change and so do names. When was the last time you saw a five year old named Agnes or Bertha? How about Thaddeus or Jedediah? I think kids will always make fun of each other be it names, looks or whatever. Child abuse? Hardly, and besides who needs another Tiffany or Ryan?
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@Neil Camberly; @Max Power

DEVASTATOR would be perfect if you had sextuplets, you could name them Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Long Haul, and Mix Master. When you introduce them you could dramatically state, "Meet Scrapper, Hook, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Long Haul, and Mix Master. Together they form DEVASTATOR!!!" and then add a maniacal laugh.
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How can you think it'll get beat up? If transformers is a popular thing, it'll know it is BadA$$! It'll think it has powers and stuff. It's a name that can be changed. Or like most names today, ... people don't call their kids by their first names anymore, they call them by their middle names. So, why not call it Megatron Jill and call the kid Jill? Duh!
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lol you people talk like you have a say in the matter... why do people care about other peoples lives, theres people out there who name their kids dick.... go annoy them for crying out loud...
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At least this guy (Name: Sunshine Megatron) decided himself to change his name to something absurd. He did ask people to vote but he did it as a consenting adult.

I find it really funny.

I hope the parents don't go through with it with their child for their own amusement though.
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lighten up people, it's just a name. if you didn't grow up with a nickname you weren't worth the time. even the bad son was less than a year old when he was GODZILLA....he's 5 and EVERYONE knows him by sweat to us or him. it's all in fun!
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Megawati would like a word with you people.

I don't know, I'm torn on this. Geeks really love their/our culture and in lieu of a better history (parents, grandparents) given by tribal passing of names, I think it almost fitting that people do this. Didn't Adam Koford just name his kid Charlie Theodore after Charlie Brown and Dr. Seuss?
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Lol NICEE.. I just checked the group, reached a million. Come on tofu and u guys, u seriously think they're going to actually named him/her megatron? Maybe during recording the proof, they might say Megatron, but name her/him something else. I think this is gonna be the middle name or nick name, because the sis didn't say which name it was.
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Me and my best friend say it all the time that my first born son is going to be Megatron.

And in todays society that wouldn't even be weird.

But seriously, I would name my son that... so I'm going to be kinda irritated if this hooker does it on a bet.
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