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Can You Identify LEGO Minifigs By How They Feel In Your Mouth?

(YouTube Link)

If not, then you're just not as talented as this teenager. Sophia Heesch claimed to be able to identify eighty Star Wars minifigs is this manner, and this German language video demonstrates a test of that claim. Would any German speaking Neatoramanaut care to translate?

via Geekologie

Here we go: Top die Wette gilt.
The show is based on the principle that regular people say they can do something cool - like recognizing 4 out of 5 star wars figures with their mouth. A celebrity - guest of the show - thinks that the contestant can do it - or not. And s/he has to pay the bet if s/he loses (looses?).
Here the girl starts scanning the figures on their heads. Head - nose up - has to go in headfirst *pun intended*.
The audience & hosts are amazed since the figurines look so similar.
The host jokes not to speak with the mouth full when recognizes Yoda :)
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Wow who knew that Doctor Who hosted a TV show about shoving Star Wars Lego minifigs into captain Kirk's chair warmers mouth. We truly live in the future.
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Yeah, my new German-speaking roommate (he's already coming in handy!) explained that this is one of the most popoular things on German television.

Another fine episode: a couple of German zoologists bet that they can recognize the poo of different animals just by the smell:

Must-see German TV, people.
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Yoda as the last one. Pfff... Too easy...

The snowtrooper / Boba Fett bit was interesting, though. She says there is only one small detail in the mask that differentiates the two. Beyond just having an amazingly sensitive tongue, this girl also has an astounding memory.
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This is easy.You just have to know all of the lego star wars figures (which is pretty easy if you are a Star Wars fan)and then try and memorise it.But even if you don't memorise it is quite easy!The thing about Boba Fett and a snowtrooper is that their masks aren't so simmilair.The Snowtrooper has a longer mask with a round on the top and the backpack is smaller.And Boba- his mask goes only to his neck and has flat on the top of hid head and the backpack is in a sort of a triangel and is verry easy to sense.But still I have to admit this girl is imressive!
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