What Is It? Game 129

This week's collaboration with the What is it? Blog brings us this sinister looking contraption. Can you guess what it is for?

First correct guess and the funniest but incorrect guess will win Neatorama T-shirt of their choice. Place your guesses in the comment section - one guess per comment, please - though you can enter as many as you'd like. Please write your T-shirt selection along with your guess (visit the Neatorama Shop to see what you'd like, mmkay?)

You have until the answer is revealed at the What is it? Blog. Post no URL or weblinks - doing so will forfeit your entry.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 2/26/10 - the answer is: A trap for animals, it has two barrels for firing projectiles and two barbs on the end for holding the animal fast, patent number 17,279. No one got it exactly right, but congrats to Beatriz for the "Go Go Gadget Arm" entry that made me chuckle :). Since she didn't include a t-shirt selection, I'll send one at random :)

An alarm gun. The spikes are put into the ground and strings are run from the trigger mechanisms to a nearby tree. When an intruder tripped over the string, the gun fired alerting their presence.
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looks like a weapon/tool used for besetting a castle or fort.
you would shoot the arrow into any wooden parts and then a horse/a bunch of people would pull.
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It is a Togaloon. In the city of Urenal, Bavaria, a law was passed in 1893 that while not outlawing the death sentence, outlawed execution. So you could be put to death but not at the hand of your fellow man. To overcome this a stalwart inventor devised a clockwork gun that would fire a deadly ball at a preset time. The condemned man (a rapist or a papist, the account varieds) was tied held up to a window while tied to a chair in a building in line with the three o'clock death hour. The gun fired, the prisoner flinched and the ball grazed his head, burying itself in the forehead of a bust of the Emporer. The next day the army arrived, arrested and executed the town fathers for treason. The prisoner was freed as he had stood for execution and survived. He then went on to serial rapine or sainthood, again the story varies.
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This looks like a gun used to fire a light line from a tug or boat to another boat in distress. A heavier rope or cable could then be run along this line with which to secure or tow the stricken vessel.
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OR... Could possibly be a "burglar gun". Same concept as I stated in an earlier guess, but when the string is pulled, the gun swivels towards the pull, and shoots the intruder.
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Why would you need to break explosive rocks? C'mon mon!
It appears to be a door bell for the deaf...with that thought in your heads you can figure out how it works and why it didn't get far...
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The size is deceiving -- I think based on the size of the screw visible, it may actually be a serger or sewing machine needle of some kind
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