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The Entire Alice and Wonderland Story in One Tattoo

Tattoo artist Holly Azzara created this enormous back and arm tattoo that depicts the entire Alice in Wonderland story -- well, the Disney version, anyway. Additional pictures at the link.

Link via Digg | Artist's Website

There's a vintage Alice tattoo on the artist's website which, in my opinion, is much more awesome:
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If we, the tattooed, gave one freakin' iota about what we're going to look like when we were old, we'd stick to hop scotch. I'm going to look so bad after a life of heavy metal and art music composition, my tattoos will just add to that bizarre old man allure.
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Lynn I kew a woman who reached the healthy age of 96 by always being careful and leading a healthy life. But she always lamented that she had not done this and not done that, because she had to be so careful and she wished that she had done more and that she had lived more adventurously. ...But then the last four years she got dementia and all curtains fell for her, with all her healthy conscious life behind her.

So do what you want, make any dream come true that you have if you can. And just enjoy while you can.
Even with or without you ever taking tattoo's- Learn to live in the Here and Now. Enjoy and savour the moment. And worry about how you possibly might look in 20 or more years when you yourself have reached that age. So much can happen in that timespan that perhaps by that time the way you look could be the least of your life's-issues.

In the meantime- I just love this here portrayed tattoo and I have the greatest respect for the lady who choose to take it and for the artist that set it.
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she must really love Alice in Wonderland. It does look pretty though and over time, the colors will slowly fade unless she keeps coloring. I wonder how long it took since I know tats can be painful.
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I bet that 96-yr-old woman with her life of regrets didn't wish she had gotten a tattoo covering a good portion of her body. In fact, I know a few people now out of their teens who wish they had never gotten things like piercings in their lips, tongues, etc...

The artwork is great. An incredibly dumb move to do that to your body (in my opinion), but at least it's better than most tats that size.
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Briannana, it is not like your tats will just look a little old and saggy, they end up as nothing more than amorphous blobs. "Mommy, why does grandma have blue skin?"
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This looks fantastic and who cares how it ages? It's on her back, she can always wear a shirt over it. Geez people, live a little will ya?
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I only stopped in here to see how many posts it took before some trotted out that old "Yeah, looks nice now, but just you wait 50 years!" chestnut.
It took 3.
Is there a reason that someone has to say that in e-v-e-r-y tattoo-related post on e-v-e-r-y website? At what point do you figure that everyone knows that tattoos fade with time? When do you figure that the knowledge has been disseminated and you can stop saying it? Are you trying to give us new information? What exactly is the reson for posting that? I'm genuinely asking. What is the reason? What is it?
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Taco- To name a few reasons:
- Just to be there - to make your presence known to the world somehow?
- Just to state that you the one that states this obvious thing are not the stupid one?
- Just to make conversation?
- Just to get under the skin of some others?
- Just to be funny by stating the obvious?

We see them all here on the comments...
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This is interesting but as a librarian I wish she had used images from the original Lewis Carroll book and not the Disney-ized Alice characters! I know the Carroll illustrations are black and white, but how cool would it be to have them filled in with color as a tattoo?
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Wow, that looks amazing. Beautiful tattoo, with a wonderful flow. It definitely tells a story instead of being a mish-mash of Alice in Wonderland characters haphazardly arranged on someone.
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They are all the Disney version of the characters from the Disney adaptation of the story.

Do you think this woman has a lawsuit in her future?
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XsTatiC ,

THAT Alice tat is just lovely. I would love to have that on my back, even after I get old and saggy, say in about 5 years...
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I actually went to college with a girl who has a similar Alice in wonderland themed tattoo across her entire back from top to bottom. I actually though the picture was her so I went to facebook to check her profile, but it isn't hers is different, but pretty much the same concept.
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If she wears a backless dress with pastels or colors that clash - ugh!!! The black dress looks fine - it complements the colors beautifully. But other patterns and colors will look dumb. The effect you aim for with certain clothes - pffftt! I would never ever do this to myself. I admire the stupid gutsiness - but I think it's stupid gutsiness.
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This is beautiful :) I'm sure she will be very happy throughout her life with it, and I'm definitely sure that she will be able to find items in her wardrobe to compliment it, haha. Having clothes that don't match your tattoo is the funniest reason to why a tattoo might be a bad idea that I've heard before :P!
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