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Labrador Retriever Awarded Britain's Highest Military Honor

Treo, a nine-year old Black Labrador Retriever who served in the British Army, was awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross. He's repeatedly saved the lives of his comrades in Afghanistan:

Now he is being rewarded with the Dickin Medal - the animal equivalent of a Victoria Cross - the highest accolade for a military animal.[...]

Treo is the 63rd animal to receive the Dickin Medal - introduced in 1943 to honor the work of animals in war - and the 27th dog to receive the honor.

Since its introduction it has also been presented to 32 World War II messenger pigeons, three horses and one cat.

That one cat was Able Seacat Simon of the Royal Navy.

Link via The Corner | Photo: AP

What a waste. Did the dog run home and show his wife and kids the medal? Did he call the relatives and let them know? The dog couldn't care less about medals or awards or anything else those wacky two legged creatures make such a fuss about.
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Let's hope you're the ones he leaves behind then MadMolecule and Vonskippy, because what he did is no less heroic because his cognition is not what you think high enough to appreciate the medal. The important part is that we as humans are recognizing his deeds just as we need to recognize all soldiers deeds, whether we agree with war or not.
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@Lea - well then, lets give a medal to Gravity, since without it's fine effort all humans would fly off into space and suffocate. How about Oxygen, certainly it deserves a medal for making breathing such a delightful thing. Wait, what about photons, because without photons we wouldn't be able to see the medal.

Anthropomorphism is just plain stupid. It insults not only the animal (it is what it is) but the humans that feel the need to do so.
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@ VonSkippy - The dog may not have a wife and kids to show his medal to, but surely he has someone who takes care of him that will be proud to show the medal to others. Dogs know when a big fuss is being made over them and I am sure he was pleased to be the centre of attention that day.
And we can't give Gravity a medal, even if it had a mass to affix the medal to; it would keep throwing it on the ground!
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The Award, like most such things, is really for the benefit of those giving it, and those watching. Nothing wrong with that, but I do hope that it came with a dog treat and a good scritch.
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Lea: Don't get me wrong. The dog has done amazing, wonderful things and deserves to be rewarded. And while I don't think the dog is terribly interested in medals, I guarantee he enjoyed the attention and love that came with it.
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