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Admiral Ackbar for Ole Miss Mascot

Yesterday, students at the University of Mississippi voted to update their image with a new mascot. The previous mascot Colonel Reb, who resembles a antebellum plantation owner, hasn't been seen at a game since 2003, due to his Confederate symbolism. Who, or what, will the new mascot be? The athletic teams at Ole Miss are the Rebels, so the logical symbol would be Admiral Ackbar, the highest ranking member of the Rebel Alliance in the Star Wars universe. Only time will tell if the students and administration at Ole Miss will embrace the campaign. Link -via Geekosystem

And actually this is also incorrect: "by replacing their mascot, Colonel Reb..."

Ole Miss hasn't had an official mascot since the 2003 date you mention.

So in 2003 the mascot was no longer Col. Rebel, but Ole Miss was still known as the Rebels.
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Who ever said that Col. Reb was a plantation owner! He's modeled after an old black man who went to all the football games. He's not even dressed like a civil war era character.

You can't assume since some people in MS are racist. And Col. Reb is "a kind" of a person in MS. Then Col. Reb is a racist plantation owner. It doesn't work.

Did you know that the Mid-West of all places has the most pro-arian groups. lets call them the racist from now on shall we.

Thanks a lot.
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Guys, No problem with changing the mascot, but as I watched this issue develope, there has been a massive following to change the image to 'Admiral Ackbar'. However, based on some of the images I am seeing pop-up on the internet, all you are doing is changing a 'white man with a moustache' to a 'fish-headed' alien. If you apply just a little comparative analysis to the prevailing flood of images, simple logic shows Col. Reb and Ackbar both dressed in the same uniform along with the 'same' cane in hand. There is nothing NEW here representing Ole Miss... It's real easy to forge 'Colonel Catfish' out of this image... I just don't think that ya wanna go there... If you are going to pick a new mascot, at least try to be novel and original. I also think tying Ole Miss to a 'Hollywood' image does not project the academic or athletic character of the University as a whole. Hoddy Toddy, J.Pelezo, Ole Miss '72
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