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Movie bloopers from 1936

A collection of Warner Bros. movie bloopers from 1936, featuring Humphrey Bogart, Joe E. Brown, James Cagney, Bette Davis, Kay Francis, Leslie Howard, Paul Lukas, Barton MacLane, Fredric March, Paul Muni, Pat O'Brien, Claude Rains, and more.

Link [YouTube] - The Retronaut via Stuart Witts

An angry, foul mouthed bunch weren't they, even in front of the kid in that one take. Compare that to bloopers from today where everyone laughs and has a lot of fun with it. The next time someone talks about how trashy people talk today and how clean cut the "good old days" were just show them this video.
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oh nuts...

The sound was interesting. Hadn't seen anything old for a long time and forgot what the sound was like... all the same... and the men's voices were interesting, too
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@squiggy, the reason everyone laughs and (for the most part) keeps their mouths clean is because they're well aware of the fact that gag reels are often released.

anywho, this made me giggle quite a bit. it's definitely a new perspective to watch your favorite old-time stars lose their cool.
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have seen some of these in a blooper real a few years back where a lot of the actors dropped the SOB a LOT! Bette Davis and Carole Lombard were especially foul-mouthed, if I recall correctly.

And if you want more, search Youtube for your favorite Warner Bros. stars blooper reels (Bogart, Davis, etc.) Nothing like hearing Olivia de Havilland flub a line AND cuss!!
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I just thought I'd chime in with a negative slant; why not, right?

I personally have an aversion to "blooper reels" where actors mess up their lines. After acting in theater for a short time, I realized this happens all the time, and is just part of production, including the breaking of character and little yipyaps the actors would exchange.

Why Dick Clark and Ed McMahon had such a successful show I'll never fathom.
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I thought this clip was interesting but I honestly could not take one more "TIME MARCHES ON!"

As for all the cussing they did.. well they were actors and had a poor reputation that "decent" folks looked down apon. So all their cussing would not surprise granny as she would expect no less from this sort.
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