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Real-Life Painting

It looks like a painting, right? It's not. Makeup Girl is actually a photograph of a model in bodypaint. Peter Kun Frary, art music professor at the University of Hawaii, spotted this model in a stage display window at a mall:

Recently I walked by the Ala Moana Mac cosmetic store and noticed a crowd of Japanese tourists gawking and snapping pics. Amazingly, a model in full body paint was posing against a set. She was a darn good simulation of a late 19th century oil painting. At first I though she was nekid--wearing only makeup--but she sported a few scrapes of cloth in the right places. Also, she hardly ever blinked... via Urlesque

UPDATE: The photographer has kindly visited us in the comments.

Really great. I love these kinds of things ever since I saw this one movie... I forget what it's called, but it was about a weird little girl who was also kind of a genius.
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It's absolutely ridiculous.
And since when is Fauvism from the "late XIXth century" ?
All these painters fought against retinian art, paintings that looked like reality, and now some trickster makes a photograph of a girl made to look like something that doesn't look like reality ?
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Girl's got big ugly hands, but maybe it's the makeup. At first glance, it fools you (despite all the people who say "I knew it was real"). Is that some form of pareidolia, where your mind expects it to be something else?

That is cool.
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I'm very surprised to see my image here. I just heard about it from a friend. I'm flattered but would have appreciated a heads up from NeatOrama.

This is not a window display. It's live a model on a set on a small stage outside. The natural sunlight light is diffused through white cloth to reduce shadows and contrast.

Incidentally, I'm not an art professor. I'm a MUSIC professor and classical guitarist.

Aloha Nui Loa,

Peter Kun Frary
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This shot must have taken hours to prepare. The hair is a bit of a give away, but it took me several minutes to figure out this was a photo. Well done!
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Professor Frary,

People don't need to give you a heads-up to link to your stuff. Unfortunately, that's just how the internet works. As long as they link back to where they found the image, there is no harm and no foul.

And I would feel a lot more sympathy for you if you had simply shot an email with your corrections instead of publicly berating the poster for a couple of simple mistakes.
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Andrea the Great,

Actually, Prof Frary has every right to complain about the use of his photograph without permission. It is theft and a breach of international copyright law which DOES apply to the internet.

In view of this, he was actually being very polite in his post and his tone is hardly berating the original poster who SHOULD have asked for permission to use his photo!
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