What Is It? Game 128

W00t! It's time for our collaboration with the always entertaining What is it? Blog. Can you guess what the strange object above is used for?

Game rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please - though you can enter as many as you'd like. The first one to guess correctly and the funniest wrong guess will win T-shirts of their choice from the Neatorama Shop.

IMPORTANT: Please write your choice of T-shirt along with your guess. Visit the Neatorama Shop and take a look at what you'd like, OK?

Write no URL or weblinks - doing so will forfeit your entry. You have until the right answer is posted on the What is it? Blog.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 2/22/10 - the answer is: A linstock that was utilized by the gun captain to ignite a cannon, it used a smoldering match rope that was soaked in potassium nitrate. It's missing its long wood handle. Congratulations to Timothy P who got it right first and to Amander for "early Victorian IUD."

It's a bronze age toy for little caveboys and cavegirls, they used it as a jump rope for their rocks!

I'll take my "Support Bacteria" shirt now :)
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It's a lintstock. The metal part would have been mounted on a staff. The cord is treated with saltpetre to create slow-burning "match" (as in matchlock muskets). The lintstocks would have been used to light gunpowder in the touch-holes of cannons and mortars.

I'm not picky when it comes to shirts, though a medium would be nice.
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An Early Victorian IUD. (See ad copy below from the November 1915 issue of Victorian Housewifery Journal).

DON'T DELAY ANOTHER HOUR IN PURCHASING THE Childpruf for Ladies. Don't find yourself "in an interesting situation" or a "delicate condition" again.

You may not be suitable repressed, but no one will ever know with this new product from Lady Prudehomme Sundries of Lower Umptonshire (Lady Prudehomme, prop.) the leading purveyor of quality "unmentionables" in the Greater Lower Umptonshire Area since 1878. Rest assured, this insertable device will make you the picture of steadfast chastity and virtue.

Scratchy but effective: that rope burn means it's working! 7/9 for regular. 10/11 for extra effective.
Discrete shipping.

(Thesaurus shirt, ladies xl...not scratchy.)
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It's a "cavalry spur" used by mounted troops in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The rounded end doesn't injure the horse like the spiked wheel design that was made popular by movies and television.
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It's the letter "Y". It was used in the 19th century by school teachers as a visual prop to teach the English alphabet to young children in the western United States. The rope was cleverly attached several years after this device's inception to give younger children something extra to focus on when their attention span wavered.
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its a muffled oar lock...rope or cloth used to make the sound of the oar scraping more quiet. Used to hold an oar in place as a fulcrum for rowing

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Although i dont know the name, the bottom right corner is a socket which would receive a longer pole, and the rope would be a slow burning cord or 'match', used to discharge cannons.

tshirt?! since im pretty confident: i'll take the "If You're Not Part of the Solution, You're Part of the Precipitate" in large
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It's a testing device used to determine whether or not a lawyer still has a soul. It has never been known to actually work; though it is not yet decided if this due to the device being faulty, or if they just haven't found a lawyer actually possessing one!
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In the fairy tale of Rapunzel, there is no mention of Rapunzel's couple-of-sandwiches-short-of-a-picnic lover who tried to pull her DOWN from the tower with this spaghetti-fork-like invention. After much screaming, the original legend says that she dumped a chamberpot out the window to get the idiot to let up.

I want the "Cthulhu as a Teenager" shirt, 3XL/
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it is a piece of an acme tongue carrier that is used to take the strain from the horse's neck- specialized farming tool from the early 1900s..the holes had an axel and wheel between them and another piece would protrude from the hole..

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I can't tell how wide it is, depending on the size it could be either ( with the wood handle attached) a lifter for getting canning jars out of the boiling water, or a lifter for picking the laundry out of the hot water. Maybe. Any Large t-shirt.
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