10 Really Unlucky People

It seems that some people go around with a little dark cloud hanging over them. These are the unlucky ones. Here are ten of the unluckiest people ever!

This poor man went from the lucky co-incidence of winning a $ 16.44 million lottery in Pennsylvania, to being $ 1 million under debt in just one year. His lucky turned incredibly sour as he was sued by his ex-girlfriend for a share of his lottery money, when his siblings pressured him to make joint business investments that brought no money back and also when his own brother hired a hit man to have him killed so that he could have his share of his brother's win. His troubles, however, were still not over; after shooting at a bill collector he got himself entangled in another long legal process.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by xtremeBlogger.

People who win the lottery and then find themselves in Financial ruin are not "unlucky." Rather, they are poor stewards of their winnings. Does it surprise you that his family went crazy? This isn't luck, but bad business sense. Now, if he got struck by lightning several times, that is unlucky.
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Wow, still can't help but feel sorry for that guy though. What a crappy family to be a part of... not that he sounds like much of a winner though.
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