7-11 Double Big Gulp is Twice as Large as the Average Human's Stomach

From the blog Today I Found Out, here's something I bet you didn't know about 7-11's Double Big Gulp:

Today I found out that the 7-11 Double Big Gulp holds about twice the amount of fluid than the average adult human’s stomach. The average adult human’s stomach can hold reasonably comfortably approximately 32 ounces at any given time. The Double Big Gulp holds about 64 ounces of soda or Slurpee.


The thing is though,that you're probably not going to be drinking 64 ounces of liquid even though the cup would hold that much. You're probably going to be drinking about half that much since you'll be filling the cup with ice,too. The ice takes up a lot of the space and won't likely be going into your stomach.

If you fill it with a slushy and slurp that all down, you're going to get the full 64oz, plus a massive brain freeze.
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It might help if the article provided a bit more data about the stomach.

Which "average" is it referring to, for a start - mean, mode, geometric, arithmetic?

Secondly, what is the range of the data - if a average stomach has a capacity of 32 floz, is one of 33 seriously abnormal, or is that only reached at 104 floz, for example?
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Since your stomach absorbs fluid at about 250ml/10 minutes - it's certainly possible to consume a Double Big Gulp without straining anything (assuming you don't try to chug it in one .......big gulp).
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Then an hour later when you have to go to the bathroom at another 7-11 you'll want another one because all that caffeine and sugar will make you crash and want more caffeine and sugar.
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Wimps! I used to get one of those 64 ounce Gatorade bottles almost everyday after work.It took me about 20mins to drink down that cool lemon/lime in the glass bottle. As far as drink cups go I remember The Gate convenience store having one larger than a 64. Georgia heat really sucks the moisture out of you.
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A)You obviously wouldn't consume it all at once but take it out of the store and drink it over the entire afternoon.

B)Obviously you've never sweat through a 100degree 99percent humidity Florida afternoon with the Sun set on near-microwave conditions....
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