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A Corporation Has Announced It Will Run For Congress

YouTube link.

Murray Hill Incorporated has just announced its intention to run for Congress in Maryland's 8th Congressional District.
Murray Hill Inc. is believed to be the first “corporate person” to exercise its constitutional right to run for office. As Supreme Court observer Lyle Denniston wrote in his SCOTUSblog, “If anything, the decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission conferred new dignity on corporate “persons,” treating them — under the First Amendment free-speech clause — as the equal of human beings.”

Murray Hill Inc. plans on spending “top dollar” to protect its investment. “It’s our democracy,” Murray Hill Inc. says, “We bought it, we paid for it, and we’re going to keep it.”

The campaign’s designated human, Eric Hensal, will help the corporation conform to antiquated “human only” procedures and sign the necessary voter registration and candidacy paperwork.

To emphasize its point, this liberal public relations firm will file to run in the Republican primary.

Link, via Reddit.  The company's press release.

See, I measure political and social happenings on whether or not, and to what extent they move us closer to living in a third-rate cyberpunk story. Corporations running for office is a nice step towards Universal Mirrorshades, but when corporations start directly exercising their _second_ amendment rights and build private armies for their own use, only then will we have truly arrived.
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Yeah, we certainly wouldn't want groups of people voluntarily pooling their resources for a common cause to be able to influence politics. That sort of free speech is clearly out of bounds. Besides, groups like that, maybe we could call them "unions", could fund friendly politicians and cut all sorts of sweetheart deals. Disaster!
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Looks like they are challenging the Supreme Court and years of corrupt interpretations of the 14th Amendment.
Murray Hill isn't preforming satire, it is pointing out an obvious parody and trying to stop it from becoming a reality. For the people by the people.
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This is satire, but it's also eerily true. It's true that corporations were the de facto leaders of this country but the SCOTUS ruling just made them the de jure leaders & it's not going to stop any corporation from piling on mountains of dough to any shill who will do their bidding. Meanwhile, us regular citizens who can't afford to "donate" several million dollars to a good politician's campaign will have no voice whatsoever.

Say goodbye to politicians who speak on our behalf (Kucinich, Grayson, Sanders) & hello to the representative from Exxon-Mobil or the senator from Halliburton.
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But corporations still may not make direct contributions to federal campaigns from their own treasury, so unless the costs of creating the press release and video were all borne by a separate political-action-committee, they may already be in violation of campaign-finance-law.
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If people hadn't tried to push the envelope of McCain-Feingold past the point of all sense, prompting the Supreme Court to strike down it and its precursor rather than accept unconstitutional implications, then we wouldn't be in this position. So what do the liberals do when their reductio ad absurdum arguments backfire? Protest with more reductio ad absurdum. Never learn....
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Oh wait. what? you don't say? Corporations are 'persons' but not 'citizens'?


so everyone who is joking about 'corporations marrying' is simply lacking a particular set of chromosomes?


carry on, then
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