Infographic: The Earth's Satellites, Sorted by Nation

This infographic by Michael Paukner shows which nations have how many satellites in orbit around the earth. Information is sorted by functionality. You can view a larger image at the link.

Link via Gizmodo

What a load of crap. Information is sorted by OPERATIONAL STATUS not functionality. Since almost all of those birds are communication, weather, geostudies type, where does the "big brother" FUD come in?
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What's up with that globe? The oceans are invisible but the far hemisphere is all wrong. It appears to be a view centered on the atlantic ocean but rotated 90 degrees clockwise. I don't understand.
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Maximum Crap and total incomplete...f.e Hellas Sat 2 is missing (Greece's Satellite) and possibly others(?) ...and yes what's with the "Big Brother"thing...maybe gizmodo should check more carefully info posted and not only judging by a -somewhat- pretty pic.
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*Big brother* is often used as a metonymy for government, so cool yer jets, cadets! Anyway, I thought it was interesting to see the ratios of junk to functional equipment.
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I don't disagree with any of the criticisms of the infographic here, but who is really going to remember the details of this thing in a week? I basically take away what I already assumed. There are a lot of satellites, and most of them American or Russian.
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