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Stormy Skimboarding

GoPro HD - Skimboarding In A Storm! from Patrick Lawler on Vimeo.

High riptide warning, watercraft advisory, flash floods, tons and tons of rain, extreme danger! These are all words that David doesn't really pay attention to...

In Patrick Lawler's video, aside from the fun attempts at skimboarding some decidedly unskimmable water with mixed results, there's a scene at 1:08 where the camera's monopod (which was crafted from a broom handle) does something amazing, and I can't quite figure out how they did it, but it rocks.

The thing at 1:08 looks like just a nicely done hidden cut between two spinning camera shots. looks like the same shot cause the steadicam handle is always in the same spot?
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Interesting, Clay. From the link:

Matt West: Cool idea, can you do it again with someone that is good at skimbording, you could get some way cool shots.

Patrick Lawler: Well this guy is really good at skimboarding, these waves are just almost un-skimmable and choppy and horrible. We just wanted to go out into a storm and see if it was possible to do.

Matt West: dude, I watched it again.
I musta been in a critical mood, it's a RAd vid!
Especially when he is paddling, funny.
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the steady-cam seems to have some kind of sail or air-foil on it... maybe part of a kite? Look at 0:40 seconds when he opens his grip on the pole briefly - the pole seems to *lift* a little like it was pulled by the wind.
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As for the 1:08 thing. I think, that the other guy just grabbed the handcam from behind and started to walk backwards, spin it and point it. The spin wouldn't be even in speed at the end of the move {would get slower], so that the skimming guy can run towards it and grab it from below. no need for any cuts. Don't forget it's fish eye, so he really isn't that far away and is still standing in the water.
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