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Putting Weird Things in Coffee

Putting Weird Things in Coffee is a food blog about one man's quest to find tasty and unusual ingredients to put in coffee beyond the traditional cream and sugar. These include salmon, blue cheese, and peanut butter. Pictured above is a mixture that he did not invent: juustoleipä, a Finnish cheese made from reindeer milk, that is often dipped in coffee before eaten.

What unusual things have you mixed in your coffee?

Link via Amanda Bensen (who notes that her family used to brew coffee with reindeer bones)

While I'm not a coffee person, I will say that Carr Valley Bread Cheese is AMAZING. Throw it in a frying pan (srsly) until it gets a little bit of a crust, and eat it warm with some plum jam on top. You have no idea how good that is. Mmmmm...
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Leipäjuusto (bread cheese) is made from cow milk. Sometimes, but very rarely, it can be made also with reindeer milk but it is Lapland speciality.

I have never heard anyone dipping leipäjuusto in coffee; it sounds more like extremist :) normally the cheese is eaten with cloudberry jam or warm caramel.

EDIT: actually wikipedia states that it can be also served with coffee but it could be swedish invention.
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During Christmas when there were Christmas cookies everywhere I was completely addicted to dipping chocolate chip cookies in my morning coffee. I don't know that's weird but it was heavenly...
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Cookies. But I guess that's not really "weird" since it's basically the same as dunking Biscotti. If I'm out of creamer I sometimes add some ice cream to my coffee, but I guess that doesn't really count as dunking.
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Thanks for the link! Looks like I'm going to have to track down some more stuff made with reindeer, since they seems to have a special bond with coffee.

Also, I second dipping Kit Kats and cookies in coffee. Mmm mmm mmm.
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I tend to eat like crap when I have marathon study sessions, so my favorite "snack" while I'm studying is usually coffee + cheez-its. I don't dunk them in the coffee, but it does make 'em taste a lot better for some reason.
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I used to work with this guy who ate olive loaf sandwiches every day for lunch and he'd dip it in his coffee before he took a bite. I guess he was edgy and ahead of his time, and I should have seen that instead of sitting there being grossed out by it, huh?
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I once worked at a cafe for a few weeks. It was inside of a flea market that went out of business a few months later. One of the "fleas" used to come in and ask for his coffee and then proceed to put Parmesian cheese in the coffee.
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