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Bergmönch, Hiking Up and Wheeling Down

Bergmönch is an interesting idea! Now you can climb a mountain with a backpack, and then unfold the backpack into a scooter of sorts so you can wheel your way down. The question: is a speedier descent worth carrying the extra weight up? - via artsyspot

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by sanela.

I'd rather walk up than down any day. The wife walks much slower than I do - which is OK uphill, but downhill I have to slowly lower myself each step in order to stay with her. It's uncomfortable.

Our local "mountain", The Wrekin, suffers intermittently from loony cyclists who hare down it at silly speeds. They're convinced they're not going to hit anyway, but the rest of the population is unconvinced and scatter, which often puts them in harms way and collisions occur. Not clever.
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Speaking from painful experience, I'd definitely rather tote up and ride down. It's the down that, on one trek, did all the damage to my knees. Trudging downhill is apparently far more troublesome to joints, at least that's what the orthopedic doc told me.
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lets think about something..
HOW big are those wheels, and how many ROCKS you walked over GOING UP.
Unless you are walking trails, this doesnt work.
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Taking those tiny wheels down anything but perfectly smooth, hard trail would be painful... I'd rather take a real mountain bike up and down a mountain
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Those look like bicycles, not scooters, and it isn't new. It would be Neatorama-worthy if they used pogo sticks or giant hamster balls to go downhill.
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My knees are such that this sort of thing may be my only way of continuing my passion for backpacking. I can go up and up and up, but a half hour downhill and my knees send bolts of pain through my body like no other.

I am a gear weight freak; but this may soon be my only option.
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You've seen Pirates of the Caribbean have'nt you? I agree with whitcwa The hamster ball is the best way to go downhill. Everything else hurts.
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