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Kid Calls Demolition Company to Destroy Her School

We don't usually post about pranks and means things like that on Neatorama, but this one is just too cute to pass. Here's Becky prank calling a local demolition company in Dublin, asking them to demolish her school (with her teachers in it because they give her extra homework on Friday!). Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

More prank calls here: 10 Telephone Pranks That Make You Squirm - Thanks David!

ceceamaya's joke was best of all.

But seriously, i have a hard time believing that's a real kid. What child has vocabulary and timing like that. No, no, nothing feels right here.
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Ah, there are times when I really do feel proud to be Irish...this is one! We LOVE prank calls in Ireland - as long as they're in good fun.

Here's another ancienct but brilliant Irish prank call:
this is the premise - you get two phones, use one to call one Garda (police) station, use one to call another garda station and hold the phones up to each other...hilarity insues. Just be careful not to call in times of emergency, obviously ^_^ but since very little happens in Castlebar I'm sure whoever did this thought it'd be fine....
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Not sure what this has to do with Haiti, but I didn't bother watching it based on the giant head in the picture. Too sugary for my taste.
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Was cute at the beginning..but later it became obvious that it was either someone older talking in a kid's voice or it was a kid talking with a script..
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i didn't watch it. just looked at the headline. it references demolition on a building, with people in it. i should have watched it before i commented, i totally acknowledge that, so please do your best to haunt me on that. but i still stand by my opinion that at the very least, the caption is insensitive and "neatorama" should perhaps make itself more aware of current events next time. i come to this website for fun. i'm not some jerkoff that flames all over the place. but this bothered me, and so i said something.
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@ all the people who say bad taste.... Get a grip! yes its really bad there but life goes on.

I'm not being insensitive as i really understand whats happening in haiti - but it has no relavence here and people who think it does need a reality check.

Buildings are demo'd all the time, do you think companies WORLDWIDE stopped what they were doing incase someone on the internet made a very loose connection between their work and a national disaster... no!

People die in the hundreds worldwide via road accidents - do you think car companies really stop their adverts each time incase some narrowminded moaner gets the hump?

Like the post for what it is, a funny joke nothing more nothing less.
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neatorama, you're so late! this has been circulated all over the internet years ago! just google "little becky". it's a kid with grown ups giving her a script. they did the prank calls for a radio show.
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Its really strange and sad about europeans and americans jokes about destroying things and especially schools: when real children from the rest of the world would give their lifes to a school with a roof and a desk :
STOP THINKING only ABOUT YOURSElVES/ you "bellyfulls" !
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